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The Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection

The Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection

eMedals is pleased to present the important collection of Dr.Albert Goodwin. Carefully and meticulously assembled during the mid 20th Century, The Goodwin Collection represents the pinnacle of medals & orders collecting. This preeminent collection is composed of only the highest quality awards and stands alone in the global collecting community. Orders and medals of historical significance are extensive. eMedals is pleased to present The Goodwin Collection to the global market through an ongoing auction event beginning October 2017.
Dr.Goodwin, former President of OMSA, was born on December 17, 1899 in New York City, New York, the son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Goodwin. He had one brother, Edgar P. Goodwin. He attended New York City schools and was a graduate of Union College in Schenectady, New York. Goodwin enlisted in the United States Army in February 1918 for service during the First World War, at the age of 18. He was posted to the Panama Canal Zone, as part of the American forces, charged with protecting the Panama Canal, serving in the Medical Department. He was discharged in November 1919 in the rank of Sergeant First Class. After the war, he became Assistant Principal of Ballston Lake High School in 1925 and Principal of Galway High School in 1926 and 1927. Goodwin entered Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, in September 1928 and interned at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, New York, beginning his medical practice in the city in 1933. He was married to Barbara H. Goodwin (nee Weiss, January 7, 1895 - February 9, 1977). As of the 1940 Census, the family was residing in Gloversville, New York and had a servant, Elsie Hill. During the Second World War, he was a Captain and later, a Major, acting as Commanding Officer of 92nd Station Hospital, United States Army Medical Corps, possibly seeing service in Europe. After the war, he returned to Gloversville, resuming his medical practice. He was a member of the Fulton County Medical Society, the New York Academy of Medicine, was on the Board of Directors of the Fulton County Laboratory for several years and was on the staff of both Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. He was served as a physician for the Gloversville schools for several years and was Instructor in the Student Nurses Training Program at the Nathan Littauer Hospital School of Nursing. He worked on establishing the Fulton County Blood Bank and was its Director in 1965. For his work in blood research, he was made a Fellow of the International Haematological Society. Dr. Goodwin served as City Health Commissioner of Gloversville and at the time of his death in 1967, was the health officer for the City of Gloversville and for the Town of Johnstown. Dr. Goodwin was a member of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA), serving as its Vice President (1957-1959) and President (1960-1961). While he was President, he was instrumental in the organization of the first OMSA Convention in 1960, held in Gloversville. He was also Past President of NYODS, a member of the American Society of Military Collectors, the International Orders Research Society and the American Numismatic Society. At the time of his death, he was engaged in writing an encyclopedia on the Orders of Knighthood. He was also a member for many years of the Lions Club, the Elks Lodge and the Eccentric Club.

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  • EG1348 Add to Compare

    Netherlands. An Army Long Service Medal, Silver Grade for Twenty-Four Years' Service  

  • EG1347 Add to Compare

    Netherlands. A Navy Long Service Medal, Silver Grade for Officers for Twenty Four Years' Service  

  • EG1356 Add to Compare

    France. Four Awards & Decorations  

  • EG268 Add to Compare

    An Order of San Marino, Commander in Gold, Civil Division, Type I  

  • EG1571 Add to Compare

    Japan, Empire. An Order of the Sacred Treasure (瑞宝章 Zuihōsho), Breast Star  

  • EG1541 Add to Compare

    France. A c.1795 Rare Medal for the Attempted Assassination of Robespierre  

  • EG1619 Add to Compare

    United States. Six Second War Military Badges  

  • EG1627 Add to Compare

    United States. A State Council of New Jersey Junior Order of United American Mechanics Service Medal  

  • EG273 Add to Compare

    Italy. A Long Service Cross for Twenty-Five Years' Service, Gold Grade  

  • EG1717 Add to Compare

    Italy. An Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, 5th Class, Knight, 1951-2001, Fullsize and Miniature  

  • EG1569 Add to Compare

    Japan. An Order of the Sacred Treasure, 5th Class  

  • EG1723 Add to Compare

    Spain. An Unidentified Alfonso XII Women's Order, Breast Badge, c.1900  

  • EG1737 Add to Compare

    Greece. A Miniature Order of the Orthodox Crusaders of the Patriarchy of Jerusalem  

  • EG1120a Add to Compare

    Austria, Imperial. A Group of First War Period Commemorative Badges  

  • EG1081 Add to Compare

    Austria, Imperial. An 1866 Commemorative Prague Medal  

  • EG96 Add to Compare

    Greece. An Order of the Redeemer, Grand Officer, c.1905, by LeMaitre, Paris  

  • EG1631 Add to Compare

    United States. Three First War Medals & Awards  

  • EG932 Add to Compare

    United States. A New England Society in the City of New York, Members Badge in Gold, c.1900  

  • EG1630 Add to Compare

    United States. A Veterans of Foreign Wars, Eighth Corps Medal for the Philippines, c.1905  

  • EG1632 Add to Compare

    United States. A Lot of Four Military Shooting Awards  

  • EG885 Add to Compare

    Prussia. A 25-Year Long Service Cross for Officers, c.1840  

  • EG708 Add to Compare

    United Kingdom. A Kaisar-I-Hind, E.VII.R., 2nd Class, 1932  

  • EG937 Add to Compare

    United States. A Revolutionary Memorial Society of New Jersey Membership Badge in Gold, 1776-1896  

  • EG226 Add to Compare

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. A Military Order for Bravery, Second Class, c.1879  

  • EG1542 Add to Compare

    France, Constitutional Monarchy. A "Triumph of the Vengeur" Medal, c.1794  

  • EG220 Add to Compare

    Romania, Kingdom. Two Awards & Medals  

  • EG255 Add to Compare

    Italian States, Sicily Kingdom. An Order of Francis I, Knight Commander, c.1820  

  • EG238 Add to Compare

    Italian States, Lucca. A Civil Merit Order of Saint Louis, 3rd Class Knight, c.1838  

  • EG254 Add to Compare

    Italian States, Sicily Kingdom. A Royal Order of Francis I, Grand Cross Star, c.1920  

  • EG243 Add to Compare

    Italian States, Tuscany. An Order of Saint Joseph, Grand Cross Star, c.1900  

  • EG1558 Add to Compare

    Morocco. An Order of Ouissam Alaouite, Officer, 4th Class, c.1925  

  • EG862 Add to Compare

    Hansa. A Joint War Commemorative Medal of the Hanseatic Legion, c.1815  

  • EG922 Add to Compare

    San Paolo. An Honour Cross of the Noble and Ancient Rione del Palio De Asti, c.1925  

  • EG921 Add to Compare

    Italy, Fascist Era. An Order of the Roman Eagle, 4th Class Officer, by Godet, c.1942  

  • EG1415 Add to Compare

    Baden. An Order of Berthold the First, Commander's Star, by L. Bertsch, c.1905  

  • EG1070 Add to Compare

    Austria, Empire. A Small Silver Academy Medal for Military Surgeons, c.1789  

  • EG065 Add to Compare

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of the Knight’s of Malta Silver Merit Cross, c.1916  

  • EG271 Add to Compare

    San Marino, Republic. An Order of Saint Agatha, Grand Officer Set, by Alberti & C., c.1935  

  • EG1453 Add to Compare

    Austria, Second Republic. A Decoration of Honour for Services to the Republic, Grand Decoration in Silver, c.1952  

  • EG495 Add to Compare

    Korea, Empire. An Order of the Eight Trigrams, Second Class Star, c.1910  

  • EG257 Add to Compare

    Italian States, Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. A Royal Order of Francis I in Gold, II Class Knight, by Rothe, c.1875  

  • EG1454 Add to Compare

    Austria, First Republic. A Military Merit Cross, First Class, c.1935  

  • EG313 Add to Compare

    Hungary. An Order of the Holy Crown, Officer Cross with Swords & War Decoration, c.1943  

  • EG516 Add to Compare

    Lippe, Principality. A Princely Houseorder, Fourth Class Honour Cross, c.1913  

  • EG315 Add to Compare

    France, Empire. A Decoration of the Fidelity, c.1820  

  • EG033 Add to Compare

    Austria, Empire. An Honour Decoration of the Red Cross, Bronze Grade with War Decoration, c.1917  

  • EG748 Add to Compare

    Spain, Kingdom. A Royal and Distinguished Spanish Order of Charles III in Gold, Commander, c.1860  

  • EG1317 Add to Compare

    Lippe, Principality. A Leopold Order, Third Class Knight, c.1917  

  • EG113 Add to Compare

    Austria, Republic. An Austrian Merit Order, Gold Insignia with Ladies Ribbon, c.1936  

  • EG1368 Add to Compare

    France, Republic. A Lot of Four Medals & Awards  

  • EG518 Add to Compare

    Lippe, Principality. A Leopold Order Honour Cross, Fourth Class, c.1917  

  • EG926 Add to Compare

    France, Republic. An Order of the Honey Bee, Officer, c.1925  

  • EG250 Add to Compare

    Italy, Duchy of Parma. An Order of Constantine of St.George, Grand Cross Star, c.1880  

  • EG159 Add to Compare

    Albania, Kingdom. An Order of Scanderbeg, Officer's Breast Badge, c.1930  

  • EG391A Add to Compare

    Brazil, First Republic. An Order of the Rose, Dignitary's Star, by G. Wolfers, c.1900  

  • EG161 Add to Compare

    Albania, Italian Protectorate. An Order of Fidelity, Grand Cordon, c.1942  

  • EG480 Add to Compare

    China, Qing Dynasty. An Order of the Double Dragon, 3rd Class, 3rd Grade, c.1910  

  • EG2506 Add to Compare

    Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the North Star, 1st Class Grand Cross (KmstkNO), c.1915  

  • EG3138 Add to Compare

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Duchy. A Griffon Order, Commander's Star, by H. Rose, c.1900  

  • EG3027 Add to Compare

    Anhalt, Duchy. A House Order of Albert the Bear, Grand Cross, c.1900  

Total items found 86

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