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The Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection

The Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection

eMedals is pleased to present the important collection of Dr.Albert Goodwin. Carefully and meticulously assembled during the mid 20th Century, The Goodwin Collection represents the pinnacle of medals & orders collecting. This preeminent collection is composed of only the highest quality awards and stands alone in the global collecting community. Orders and medals of historical significance are extensive. eMedals is pleased to present The Goodwin Collection to the global market through an ongoing auction event beginning October 2017.
Dr.Goodwin, former President of OMSA, was born on December 17, 1899 in New York City, New York, the son of Mr. and Mrs. P. Goodwin. He had one brother, Edgar P. Goodwin. He attended New York City schools and was a graduate of Union College in Schenectady, New York. Goodwin enlisted in the United States Army in February 1918 for service during the First World War, at the age of 18. He was posted to the Panama Canal Zone, as part of the American forces, charged with protecting the Panama Canal, serving in the Medical Department. He was discharged in November 1919 in the rank of Sergeant First Class. After the war, he became Assistant Principal of Ballston Lake High School in 1925 and Principal of Galway High School in 1926 and 1927. Goodwin entered Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, in September 1928 and interned at Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville, New York, beginning his medical practice in the city in 1933. He was married to Barbara H. Goodwin (nee Weiss, January 7, 1895 - February 9, 1977). As of the 1940 Census, the family was residing in Gloversville, New York and had a servant, Elsie Hill. During the Second World War, he was a Captain and later, a Major, acting as Commanding Officer of 92nd Station Hospital, United States Army Medical Corps, possibly seeing service in Europe. After the war, he returned to Gloversville, resuming his medical practice. He was a member of the Fulton County Medical Society, the New York Academy of Medicine, was on the Board of Directors of the Fulton County Laboratory for several years and was on the staff of both Nathan Littauer Hospital in Gloversville and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. He was served as a physician for the Gloversville schools for several years and was Instructor in the Student Nurses Training Program at the Nathan Littauer Hospital School of Nursing. He worked on establishing the Fulton County Blood Bank and was its Director in 1965. For his work in blood research, he was made a Fellow of the International Haematological Society. Dr. Goodwin served as City Health Commissioner of Gloversville and at the time of his death in 1967, was the health officer for the City of Gloversville and for the Town of Johnstown. Dr. Goodwin was a member of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA), serving as its Vice President (1957-1959) and President (1960-1961). While he was President, he was instrumental in the organization of the first OMSA Convention in 1960, held in Gloversville. He was also Past President of NYODS, a member of the American Society of Military Collectors, the International Orders Research Society and the American Numismatic Society. At the time of his death, he was engaged in writing an encyclopedia on the Orders of Knighthood. He was also a member for many years of the Lions Club, the Elks Lodge and the Eccentric Club.

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  • EG144 Add to Compare

    Egypt. An Order of the Nile (Nishan al-Nil), Grand Officer 2nd Class Breast Star  

  • EG1501 Add to Compare

    Hannover. An 1813 Volunteer Service Medal  

  • EG1493 Add to Compare

    Imperial Russia. A Medal for Zeal, Silver Grade, Type II (Nicholas I, 1825-1855)  

  • EG1485 Add to Compare

    Imperial Russia. A Red Cross Medal for the Russo-Japanese War 1904-1905  

  • EG1483 Add to Compare

    Imperial Russia. A Fine Order of St. Vladimir, 3rd Class Neck Badge in Gold, Military Division  

  • EG520 Add to Compare

    Lippe. A 1910-1918 Rose Order for Art and Science Neck Badge by Godet  

  • EG743 Add to Compare

    Spain. An Order of Charles III, Commander's Star, c.1880  

  • EG115 Add to Compare

    Austria, First Republic. A 1922-1938 Issue Austrian Merit Order, Knight’s Cross  

  • EG624 Add to Compare

    Bavaria. An Order of Military Merit in Gold, Second Class, c.1910  

  • EG578 Add to Compare

    Bavaria. An Order of St. Michael, I Class Grand Cross Star, c.1865  

  • EG715 Add to Compare

    Portugal, Kingdom. An Order the Immaculate Conception of Villa Vicosa, Knight Commander's Cross, c.1905  

  • EG712 Add to Compare

    Portugal, Kingdom. An Order the Immaculate Conception of Villa Vicosa, Knight Commander's Star, c.1880  

  • EG1461 Add to Compare

    Portugal, Kingdom. A Superb Order of the Tower and Sword in Gold, 1st Class Grand Cross, c.1840  

  • EG1715 Add to Compare

    Guatemala. An Order of Quetzal, Grand Cross Star, Type II, c.1941  

  • EG463 Add to Compare

    Mongolia, Chinese Empire. An Association of Mongolian Nobility, Breast Badge, c.1911  

  • EG1471 Add to Compare

    Russia, Imperial. A 300th Anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty Badge, c.1913  

  • EG1474 Add to Compare

    Russia, Imperial. A Grand Duke Michael Art School Badge, c.1906  

  • EG673 Add to Compare

    Württemberg. An Order of Friedrich in Gold, First Class Knight’s Cross, c.1880  

  • EG1470 Add to Compare

    Russia, Imperial. A Fire Department Distinction of High Merit Badge, c.1890  

  • EG343 Add to Compare

    France, Second Republic. An Order of the Reunion, Knight's Badge, c.1850  

  • EG245 Add to Compare

    Italian State, Tuscany. An Order of Saint Joseph, Knight, c.1920  

  • EG1411 Add to Compare

    Baden. An Order of Berthold the First, 1st Class Knight’s Cross, c.1910  

  • EG818 Add to Compare

    Monaco, Principality. An Order of Charles, 1st Class Grand Cross, c.1865  

  • EG829 Add to Compare

    Norway, Kingdom. A Royal Order of St. Olav, Commander's Star, by I.Tostrup, c.1910  

  • EG1481 Add to Compare

    Russia, Imperial. A Turkish War of 1828-1829 Campaign Medal  

  • EG610 Add to Compare

    Bavaria, Kingdom. A House Knight’s Order of St. Hubertus, Grand Cross, by Martin Schnitzpahn, c.1833  

  • EG443 Add to Compare

    Russia, Empire. Emirate of Bukhara. An Order of the Noble Bukhara, 1st Class Star, c.1895  

  • EG529 Add to Compare

    Hannover, Kingdom. A Gold Medal of Merit, c.1865  

  • EG1530 Add to Compare

    Belgium, Kingdom. A Medal of the Royal Federation of Former Non-Commissioned Officers, c.1900  

  • EG1438 Add to Compare

    Germany. Eighteen German Township Tokens  

  • EG1759 Add to Compare

    Saxony, Kingdom. An Albrecht Order, Grand Cross Badge, by G.A.Scharffenberg, c.1910  

  • EG1724 Add to Compare

    Russia, Imperial. An Order of Saint Vladimir, II Class Badge, c.1917  

  • EG3063 Add to Compare

    Hannover, State. An Ernst-August Order, Knight’s Cross, Second Class, c.1870  

  • EG2919 Add to Compare

    Afghanistan, Kingdom. An Order of Fidelity, 3rd Class Star, c.1927  

  • EG2401 Add to Compare

    Hawai'i, Kingdom. An Order of the Crown, Grand Cross Star, by Kretly, Paris, c.1885  

  • EG2085A Add to Compare

    United Kingdom, Commonwealth. Eleven First War Cap Badges  

  • EG1198 Add to Compare

    Austria, First Republic. A Military Merit Medal, Bronze Grade  

  • EG2903 Add to Compare

    Turkey, Ottoman Empire. A Medal of Iftihar, Gold Grade, c.1855  

  • EG3158 Add to Compare

    Prussia, State. An Order of St. John in Gold; Legal Knight  

  • EG3071 Add to Compare

    Hesse-Darmstadt, Landgraviate. An Order of Philipp the Magnanimous, I Class Knight with Swords and Crown, c.1914  

  • EG3065 Add to Compare

    Hesse-Darmstadt, Landgraviate. An Order of Philip the Magnanimous in Gold, Grand Cross, c.1900  

  • EG3041 Add to Compare

    Waldeck, Dukedom. An Officer’s Cross with Swords, c.1914  

  • EG2570 Add to Compare

    Tunisia, French Protectorate. An Order of Glory, Grand Cross, by Kretly, c.1925  

  • EG3167 Add to Compare

    Prussia, State. A Royal Order of the Crown in Gold, First Class, c.1910  

  • EG2818 Add to Compare

    Netherlands, Kingdom. An Order of the Lion, II Class Knight Commander, c.1885  

  • EG043 Add to Compare

    Austria, Empire. A Leopold Order, Knight’s Cross with Small Commander Decoration, by Rotzet & Fischmeister, c.1918  

  • EG2891 Add to Compare

    Colombia, Republic. An Order of Boyacá, Officer c.1950  

  • EG3213 Add to Compare

    Russia, Imperial. An Order of St. Stanislaus, III Class Knight, Military Division, c.1917  

  • EG3338 Add to Compare

    Portugal, Republic. An Order of St. James of the Sword (GCSE), Grand Cross Collar c.1930  

  • EG2147 Add to Compare

    France, Republic. Forty-Nine Regional and Civic Souvenir Badges  

  • EG2947 Add to Compare

    Cambodia, French Protectorate. A Royal Order of Cambodia Grand Cross Sash  

  • EG2578 Add to Compare

    Ethiopia, Empire. An Order of the Star of Ethiopia, I Class Grand Officer, c.1910  

  • EG950A Add to Compare

    Croatia. An Order of the Crown of King Zvonimir, Bronze Grade Medal, c.1943  

  • EG292 Add to Compare

    Serbia, Kingdom. An Order of Takovo, Grand Cross Star, by Fischmeister, c.1910  

  • EG2716 Add to Compare

    Serbia, Kingdom. An Order of Saint Sava, III Class Commander Cross, by Fran Sorlini, c.1935  

  • EG2730 Add to Compare

    Poland, II Republic. An Order of Polonia Restituta, Grand Cross, by Władysław Miecznik, c.1925  

  • EG3139 Add to Compare

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin, Grand Duchy. A Griffin Order, Commander, by H. Rose, c. 1914  

  • EG1238C Add to Compare

    United States. A Sons of the Revolution Membership Badge in Gold, by B,B & B co.  

  • EG2985 Add to Compare

    Thailand, Kingdom. A Most Noble Order of the Crown, III Class Commander, c.1940  

  • EG487 Add to Compare

    Annam, French Protectorate. An Order of the Golden Gong, (The Khanh), c.1895  

Total items found 87

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