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South America

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    Chile, Republic. A Star of Military Merit for 20 Years Service, Armed Forces Division, Commander  

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    Guatemala, Jorge Ubico Rule. Two Army Badges  

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    Egypt, Thailand, Uruguay, Taiwan, Japan, International. Lot of Eight Air Force Badges  

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    Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Uruguay. Lot of Ten Central and South American Air Force Badges  

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    Germany, Peru, Venezuela, International. Lot of Five Air Force Badges  

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    Colombia, Germany, Israel, South Africa. A Lot of Insingia  

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    United States, France, Iran, Venezuela. Lot of Six Navy Badges  

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    Peru, Japan, International. Lot of Three Badges  

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    Colombia, Republic. Nine South American Air Force Badges  

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    Honduras, Republic. An Order of Santa Rosa and of Civilization, Grand Officer's Star, by Halley, c. 1890  

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    International. A Lot of Twenty-Four Paratrooper Badges  

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    Venezuela, Republic. An Order of the Liberator, I Class Grand Cross, c.1980  

Total items found 12

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