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Purveyors of Authentic Militaria

South America

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    Argentina, Republic. A Medal for the Paraguayan War 1865-1870  

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    Brazil, Republic. A Merit Order of Santos Dumont  

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    Uruguay, Republic. A Medal for the Allied Army Campaign Against Paraguay 1865-1869, Officer's Version  

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    Uruguay, Republic. A 1865 Medal for Yatay, Silver Grade for Officers  

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    Peru, Republic. An Order of the Peruvian Sun, Grand Cross, by G. Lemaitre, c.1900  

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    Colombia, Republic. An Order of Boyacá, Officer c.1950  

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    Guatemala. An Order of Quetzal, Grand Cross Star, Type II, c.1941  

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    Chile, Republic. A Chilean Air Force Pilot Wing Set, by J.Leiva  

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    Brazil, Federative Republic. A War Medal 1944  

Total items found 9

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