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South America

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  • Item: W3343

    An 1865 Paisandu Defence Medal  

  • Item: W2519

    A Brazilian Imperial Order of the Southern Cross; Grand Cross 

  • Item: W3344

    An 1868 Brazilian Medal for Bravery for Paraguay 

  • Item: W3291

    An 1865-69 Paraguay War Cross; Senior Officer's Version 

  • Item: W3345

    A National Order of Merit of Paraguay; Commander 

  • Item: W4042

    An Unknown Pilot Wing  

  • Item: W3268

    A Brazilian Order of the Rose; Breast Star 

  • Item: W4768

    A Peruvian Superior Naval War School Command and Major State Course Badge 

  • Item: W4794

    A Peruvian Air Force Merit Badge 

  • Item: W4805

    An Argentinian Rio Negro and Patagonia Medal 1881, Silver Grade 

  • Item: W4784

    A Chilean Navy Long Service Medal for Twenty-Five Years' Service 

  • Item: W4795

    A Republican Guard of Peru School of Improvement, Advanced Course Badge 

  • Item: W4810

    A Chilean Lone Service Star for Ten Years' Service 

  • Item: W4785

    A Chilean Order of Merit; Knight 

  • Item: W4798

    A Venezuelan Cap Badge  

  • Item: W4786

    A Peruvian Aeronautical Merit Cross: First Class 

  • Item: W4788

    A Colombian Order of Military Merit José María Córdova; Companion 

  • Item: W4802

    A Second War Period Uruguay Shoulder Flash 

  • Item: W4804

    A Chilean Star for the War of the Pacific 1879-1880, Silver Grade 

  • Item: W4769

    A Peruvian Superior War School Promotion Badge 1959 

Total items found 20

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