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eMedals-Soldbuch to KC Winner Felix Emanuel Adamowitsch

Item: G6086

Soldbuch to KC Winner Felix Emanuel Adamowitsch

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Soldbuch to KC Winner Felix Emanuel Adamowitsch

Soldbuch, second issue, with uniform photo, complete, full of entries, in very fine condition. Hauptmann Felix Emanuel Adamowitsch was born on 20.11.1919, in Salzburg, Austria; he was a highly decorated Officer, serving in 3./Sturmgeschtz-Brigade 904. Page 21 list two of his awards, General Assault Badge II Grade (25) awarded on 3.12.1944, and General Assault Badge III Grade (50) awarded on 13.12.1944. On page 22 is a list of his other awards: General Assault Badge (30.7.1943); EKII (30.9.41); EKI (28.8.43); East Front Medal (26.8.42); DK in gold (28.2.44); wound badge, black grade (18.7.42); wound badge, silver grade (25.10.43); wound badge, gold grade (1.2.44); commemorative medal Ostmark (Memel medal?) (12.3.40); Knights Cross of the Iron Cross (no date entered), although date is recorded in other sources as 20 October 1944, at the time serving as a Hauptmann and Chief of the 3./Sturmgeschtz-Brigade 904. Felix Emanuel Adamowitsch survived the War and served as Oberst in the Bundeswehr from 1957, and retiring in 1979 as an Oberst. Soldbuch comes with a few minor papers/passes of his, including a photo of (presumably) fallen comrade, period newspaper clipping. A fine Soldbuch to a highly decorated Sturmgeschtz Officer.
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