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eMedals-Soldbuch of Wilhelm Boehning - KIA March 18th 1944

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Soldbuch of Wilhelm Boehning - KIA March 18th 1944

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Soldbuch of Wilhelm Boehning - KIA March 18th 1944

Army Passport including photograph belonging to Wilhelm Boehning, ID: Hameln 25 313/1/7, Worker's booklet Number 122L(ue)/11321, date of issue; Hameln September 1st 1942. Boehning was 168cm in height and born April 28th 1925. His military career is recorded as: - Lg. Nachr. Rgt.z, Musikkorps 85, - 6. / Lg. Nachr. Regt. 2 1035, - 2. / Ln. Jaeger Regt. 32, - 10./ Jaeger- Regt. 32 161, - 12./ Fallsch. Jg. Rgt. 11 205/44. Interestingly it is also noted that he has volunteered for service in the Wehrmacht until October 1st 1954. His theaters of operation were recorded to have been the Home area of the Reich Ukraine (Eastland), Saving the Nederlands, Operation area South-Front lines, and Beachhead Uettimo. Wilhelm Boehning was killed at the Beachhead Uettimo on March 18th 1944. As such, at the time of death, this army passport was sent back to his father. The passport includes a letter to his father stating with this letter we send you the Army Passport of your son which died on March 18th 1944,he died the way like heroes do, he died for the nation and the leader. The passport should be a memento of your son. Overall an interesting personal item that remains in very fine condition with a solid spine and tight binding.
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