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eMedals-Serbia. A Superb Order of the White Eagle in Gold & Diamonds

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Serbia. A Superb Order of the White Eagle in Gold & Diamonds

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Serbia. A Superb Order of the White Eagle in Gold & Diamonds

The star comes from the workshop of Georg Adam Scheid and is realized in 18-carat gold. The star is decorated with 228 diamonds, a total of 11 carats, and polished and finished in keeping with conventional European designs. The star measures 86 mm x 92 mm and weighs 122.34 g. The background of the star consists of smooth, polished rays connected by circular rings, with exception of the centrepiece. Rays of diamonds protrude from between the metallic ones. All the diamonds rays were made separately and subsequently mounted on the centrepiece with the rings connecting the smooth rays. A golden badge of the Order of the White Eagle in white enamel is affixed to the star. The medallion on the eagle's breast is completely studded with diamonds, as is the surmounted crown. Three jewels are inlaid in the base of the crown in the colours of the national flag, blue, red and white, and a ruby is placed in each eagle's eye. On the reverse of the star, there is the workshop's signature "G.A. Scheid" and the hallmarks for silver content and of the Viennese Assay Office. The star was probably part of the Grand Cross of the Order of the White Eagle with Diamonds. As other components of the set have not survived, the appearance of the badge, the sash and the case can only be conjectured. The same also applies to the use of this high and precious order, particularly as the law and the legal stipulations on the awards of decorations in Serbia do not mention the award of one of the royal orders decorated with jewels. All known cases are only rare exceptions on special occasions. Although G.A. Scheid was not the sole manufacturer of the order for both Serbian dynasties, the star illustrated can undoubtedly be attributed to the Obrenovich era, as the Order of the White Eagle was the highest order until the institution of the Order of Milosh the Great. The period in which it was awarded can be identified even more precisely, since G.A. Scheid began production of the decoration in 1890. Correspondingly, it can be assumed that the order illustrated was awarded in the period between 1890 and 1898, when the Order of Milosh the Great was introduced. Apart from the star illustrated, there exists yet another order of the White Eagle with Diamonds, which, according to pertaining sources, is preserved in the museum complex of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. This is the badge of the Grand Cross with diamonds manufactured by the workshop of Rothe & Neffe. The order was manufactured as one piece, so two brooches were made of the body of the eagle and the crown with pendants.
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