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eMedals-Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO Tunic

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Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO Tunic

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Rural Police Gendarmerie Senior NCO Tunic

Merseburg Rural Police (Gendarmerie) Senior NCO Tunic - This tunic is fabricated from green wool and is adorned with silver bullion wire and chocolate brown embroidered shoulder boards with orange wool bases, representing Meister (Senior NCO) held in place by silver gilt pebbled buttons. The collar tabs were worn by enlisted men and NCO's alike and are in silver bullion wire with orange wool bases. There is a single hook and eye closure on the collar, ensuring a snug fit at the neckline. The upper left arm has the lower rank Merseburg Gendarmerie arm badge sewn in place. This particular badge is fabricated from orange and black embroidery on a green wool base, the base matching the colour of the uniform. The front has four pockets, one on each breast and one at the waist on both sides, all of which are pleated and covered by flaps with silver gilt pebbled buttons at the top on three pockets, the left breast pocket's button having been lost to time. The left breast pocket has a 45.8 mm x 58.5 mm SA Sport Badge attached to the pleat. The front is completed by a vertical row of six silver gilt pebbled buttons on the right side, facing an equal number of reinforced button holes on the left. Along the waist at four positions, one on either side at both the front and the back, are found sets of three vertically stacked holes for the belt which is no longer present. The button down cuffs have brown plastic buttons, hidden from view by the outer flap and the rear of the tunic is single vented. The inside is lined in patches of olive green cotton, stamped in black ink "IVC 1942 R. BARTUNEK THIESEN" with various number stampings below on the olive green cotton patch on the right side near the opening, with an additional "1943" stamp to the immediate right. In addition, there is a numbered Soviet Museum stamp on the olive green cotton patch near the collar, with assorted faded and crossed out markings in the vicinity and a strap at the collar for hanging the tunic on a hook. The tunic measures 470 mm across the shoulders and 720 mm in length overall. There is one small hole on the right shoulder near the junction of the two seams, in addition to light soiling evident on the exterior. It displays a nice texture in the wool, quality workmanship, beautiful, intact stitching, in very fine condition.
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