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eMedals-Royal Navy Group to Lt. G.E.Harvey

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Royal Navy Group to Lt. G.E.Harvey

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Royal Navy Group to Lt. G.E.Harvey

Royal Navy Group to Lt. G.E.Harvey - 1914-15 Star (ART. ENG. G.E. Harvey, R.N.); British War and Victory Medals (ART. ENG G.E. HARVEY. R.N.); and War Medal 1939-1945 (unnamed). Naming is officially impressed on the WWI trio. Board mounted, crisp detail, better than very fine. Also included is a duotang folder with his military biography, copies of his Service Records and twenty-one ship photographs.  Footnote: George Edward Harvey was born on May 16, 1881 in Battersea, London. His trade was listed as Coppersmith when he joined the Royal Navy, as an Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class on October 14, 1903 at Portsmouth. His first posting was with the Armoured Cruiser H.M.S. Warrior on December 15, 1903. Service on the Warrior was followed with postings with Erubus (1904), Exmouth (Battleship, 1904), Victory II (Shore Base, 1905, 1908, 1912), Barfleur (Battleship, 1906), Duncan (Battleship, 1906) and Liverpool (Cruiser, 1910), He saw prmotions in rank to E.R.A. 4th Class (January 25, 1905), E.R.A. 3rd Class (November 25, 1906) and E.R.A. 2nd Class (October 12, 1910). After Submarine Training at the Submarine Base H.M.S. Dolphin, he was drafted to the Submarine Depot Ship H.M.S. Maidstone on November 11,1912, which was attached to the 8th Submarine Flotilla at Portsmouth. On April 1, 1914, Harvey was drafted to the Submarine Depot Ship H.M.S.Adamant, again with the 8th Submarine Flotilla. The Adamant was transferred to a War Base at Harwich just prior to the outbreak of the First World War. He was promoted to Artificer Engineer on September 14, 1914. On October 24, he was posted to H.M.S. Amethyst, a 3,000 ton Light Cruiser with the 1st Light Cruiser Squadron with the Grand Fleet. In 1915, the Amythyst was sent to the Mediterranean where she took part in the first naval bombardment of the Dardanelles entrance on February 19, 1915. He was then posted to H.M.S. Maidstone, a Depot Ship for Submarines on November 28, 1917, with the 9th Flotilla. By March 18, 1918, he was at H.M.S. Dolphin and was almost immediately transferred to the Submarine Depot Ship H.M.S. Titania, attached to the 11th Flotilla and Submarine L 11, which was being completed and for L 12, which also under construction. When the L 11 was commissioned in July 1918, Harvey is not listed among the officers so he was likely given shore duties. Harvey would have been 33 when the war began in 1914, so it is doubtful he saw active service in submarines on patrols but may have. By the time he was 36, he would have been considered too old for this strenuous and hazardous duty so he was given the job of overseeing the installation of engines of submarines that were being completed. Post-war, he saw multiple popstings, including H.M.S. Iron Duke (Battleship, 1919), Heliotrope (Sloop, 1921), Thunderer (Battleship, 1923), Rapid (Destroyer, 1924), Dido (Reserve Fleet, 1925), Valiant (Mediteranean Fleet, Battleship, 1925), Alresford (Minesweeper, 1927), Tactician (Destroyer, 1930) and Wolverine (Destroyer, 1930). Harvey's involvement with the Iron Duke and Thunderer would have been to maintain the ships in reserve, as both battleships were nearing the end of their careers. He achieved the ranks of Commissioned Engineer (September 1, 1924) and Lieutenant (Engineer) Retired (May 16, 1931). Harvey was on the retired list from 1931 unitl he was recalled for service on December 20, 1939, as were many other retired naval personnel. He was posted to H.M.S. Bacahante, the naval Shore Base at Aberdeen, Scotland and ceased serving in 1942, when he was retired for the last time at the age of 61.
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