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  • Item: C3754

    Canada. A Memorial Cross to the Permanent Base Company; Canadian Engineers  

  • Item: C3755

    Canada. A First War Memorial Cross to the Pay Office in London  

  • Item: C3765

    Canada. A First Memorial Cross; Concentration Camp at Kinmel Park  

  • Item: C3766

    Canada. A Korean Conflict Group to the 5th Field Ambulance  

  • Item: C3772

    Canada. A Memorial Cross to the 50th Calgary Regiment   

  • Item: C3947

    Canada. A First War Military Medal Group to Sergeant John Brunette  

  • Item: C3762

    Canada. A British Empire & Korea Campaign Medal Group  

  • Item: C3761

    Canada. A First War Group to the Royal Canadian Dragoons  

  • Item: C4649

    Canada. A Royal Air Force Ferry Command Group to Canadian David D. Delworth  

  • Item: C4676

    Canada. Two First War Instruction Manuals Named to Military Cross Recipient  

  • Item: G34900

    Germany. An Award & Document Grouping of Panzer Gefreiter Czauderna; WIA on Eastern Front  

  • Item: EG1548

    France, Third Republic. Eleven Commemorative Medals, c.1870  

  • Item: G38300

    Germany, Heer. An Armored Marksmanship Lanyard Badge  

  • Item: G38250

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Panzer Assault Badge, Bronze Grade  

  • Item: G38283

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Double Decal Aluminum Parade Helmet  

  • Item: G38282

    Germany, DAK. An M43 Tropical Field Cap, by Carl Halfar  

  • Item: G38284

    Germany, Wehrmacht. A Panzer Assault Badge, Slver Grade, by Hermann Aurich  

  • Item: EG1587A

    Austria, First Republic. A Fatherland Front Badge, IV Class, c.1937  

  • Item: EG1568

    Japan, Imperial. An Order of the Golden Kite, IV Class, c.1910  

  • Item: EG1535

    Romania, Kingdom. A Trans Danube Cross and Commemorative Medal for the War of 1913  

  • Item: EG472

    China, Republic. A Beiyang Government Merit Medal, II Class Officer, c.1922  

  • Item: EG1721

    Portugal, Kingdom. A Red Cross Decoration, 2nd Class Commander, c.1918  

  • Item: EG269

    San Marino, Republic. An Order of San Marino, Knight, c.1935  

  • Item: G38253

    Germany, Heer. A Pair of Heer (Army) Generalmajor Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: EG1629

    United States. A Womans Relief Corps Membership Badge, c.1890  

  • Item: EG1526

    Belgium, Kingdom. A Red Cross International Volunteer Cross for Ambulance Service, c.1919  

  • Item: EG391A

    Brazil, First Republic. An Order of the Rose, Dignitary's Cross, by G. Wolfers, c.1900  

  • Item: EG315

    France, Empire. A Decoration of the Fidelity, c.1820  

  • Item: EG468

    China, Republic. A Red Cross Memorial Decoration for the Death of You Mei Xu, c.1926  

  • Item: G35837

    Germany. The Awards & Documents of Fallschirmjäger Georg Schütz; Hermann Göring Div.  

  • Item: EG1577

    Austria, Imperial. An Order of Leopold, Knight’s Cross, with War Decoration, c.1916  

  • Item: EG3292

    Spain, Franco Period. A Civil Order of Africa, Commander, c.1960  

  • Item: EG3027

    Anhalt, Duchy. A House Order of Albert the Bear, Grand Cross, c.1900  

  • Item: EG2594

    France, Colonial Somaliland. An Order Nichan El-Anouar, Grand Cross, by Halley, c.1890  

  • Item: EG3391

    Prussia, State. A High Order of the Black Eagle, Schabrackenstern Grand Cross Star  

  • Item: EG3239

    United Kingdom. An Order of the British Empire, G.B.E., Knight Grand Cross, by Garrard & Co, c.1945  

  • Item: EG264

    Monaco, Principality. An Order of St. Charles in Gold, I Class Knight, c.1930  

  • Item: EU15622

    Albania, People's Republic. An Order of the Flag in Gold  

  • Item: EU14638

    Russia, Soviet Union. An Order of Lenin, Type VI, Variation 1  

  • Item: EU10683

    Soviet Union; Russia. An Award Group to Angel T. Balevski; Recipient of the Lomonosov Medal  

  • Item: EU15646

    Hungary, Kingdom. An Order of St. Stephen, Grand Cross Star, c. 1900  

  • Item: EU15650

    Hungary, Kingdom. A Pair of First and Second War Period Hungarian Medals  

  • Item: G28692

    Germany. An Eagle Order Silver Medal with Swords, by the Official Viennese State Mint  

  • Item: EU15648

    Italy, Kingdom. An Italian Order of the Roman Eagle, Commander’s Cross, c. 1942  

  • Item: G38136

    Germany, SS. A SS-Verfügungstruppe Officer’s Collar Tab  

  • Item: G38126

    Germany, Luftwaffe. A Table Medal for Exemplary Technical Services in the Luftwaffe  

  • Item: EU11711

    Serbia, Kingdom. An Order of Miloš the Great, First Class Badge, by Karl Fleichhacker, c.1900  

  • Item: EU15666

    Austria, Imperial. A 1902 International Blue Cross Exhibition Medal  

  • Item: EU15679

    Italy. An Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem, Dame's Grand Cross  

  • Item: EU14295

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. An Order of Military Merit, I Class Grand Cross, c.1917  

  • Item: EU14542

    Spain, Franco Period. An Order of Cisneros in Gold, I Class Star, by J.Laz, c.1935  

  • Item: EU9683

    Romania, Kingdom. A Queen Marie Cross, II Class Knight  

  • Item: EU15144

    Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the North Star, I Class Grand Cross, c.1910  

  • Item: EU15653

    Croatia. Order of King Zvonimir's Crown, Grand Cross  

  • Item: EU10745

    Netherlands, Kingdom. An Early Miniature Award Chain in Gold, c.1845  

  • Item: G38222

    Germany, NSKK. A 1935 NSKK Kurpfalz Motor Brigade Plaque by F. Mannheim K’Lautern  

  • Item: G38198

    Germany, Kriegsmarine. A Kriegsmarine Narvik Shield  

  • Item: G38347

    Germany, Third Reich. A "Trench Art" Letter Opener, c.1942  

  • Item: G27529

    Germany, Luftwaffe. An Air Gunner's & Flight Engineer's Badge, by Assmann  

  • Item: M0306-25

    Canada. A Lot of Six First War Battalion Collar Badges  

Total items found 498

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