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  • Item: G19148

    A Commemorative Medal for 13 March 1938, Type II with Case 

  • Item: C3240

    A Memorial Group to the Canadian Garrison Artillery at Bully-Grenay, France 

  • Item: C3237

    A Medal Trio to the 19th Canadian Infantry; Wounded on the Somme 

  • Item: C3239

    An Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal with Canada Bar to the R.C.R. 

  • Item: C3266

    A First War Medal Trio to the 2nd Canadian Infantry 

  • Item: C3267

    A First War Medal Trio to former NWMP; 2nd Canadian Infantry 

  • Item: C3322

    A Korean War Period Canadian Memorial Cross 

  • Item: C3558

    Six 1934 Mounted Toronto Flying Club Photographs 

  • Item: EU9001

    A Large Franz Josef Award Document to Regiment Doctor 1913 

  • Item: G18128

    A Rare NSKK Sturmbann Unit Pennant 

  • Item: G18131

    A Second War Kreigsmarine Vice Admiral's Flag 

  • Item: G18134

    An NSKK I/M36 Standarte 

  • Item: W3121

    Documents to Maine State Senator KIA at the Battle of Spotsylvania 

  • Item: W3284

    A Cuban Volunteers Medal 1895-1898 

  • Item: W3283

    Nine Pakistani Medals & Awards 

  • Item: W3313

    An Iranian Order of Homayoun; Gold Grade Medal  

  • Item: W3312

    A South African Prince Alfred's Guard Helmet Plate 

  • Item: G18776

    A 1933 Gau- München Badge  

  • Item: G18789

    A Shooting Down Award for Luftwaffe Air Belgium-Northern France District  

  • Item: G18788

    An Army Supply Service Grain/Potato Sack 1943 

  • Item: W3323

    An Early United States Air Corps Observer Wing 

  • Item: W3331

    A New Zealand Distinguished Service Order Miniature Group 

  • Item: W3329

    A Second War United States Navy Pilot Wing by Amico 

  • Item: W3343

    An 1865 Paisandu Defence Medal  

  • Item: G18964

    A Golden Honour Badge of the German Midwife Association 

  • Item: W1577

    WWII Army Air Force Group - Air Medal Recipient 

  • Item: W2519

    A Brazilian Imperial Order of the Southern Cross; Grand Cross 

  • Item: G18280

    An M42 Army (Heer) Helmet with Wire & Named 

  • Item: G19254

    A Second Model Army Marksman’s Lanyard; Grade III  

  • Item: G18787

    An RAD (Reichsarbeitsdienst) Wool Blanket 

  • Item: EU10366

    A Spanish Falange Party Grouping to Victoria Montes Zurita 

  • Item: G18418

    A 1939 SS Allach Porcelain Award Plaque 

  • Item: G20380

    A Silver Grade Reconnaissance Clasp with Case to Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Karl Schuh 

  • Item: G20083

    An Very Early & Extremely Rare Em/NCO's Black Panzer Beret (Schutzmütze) 

  • Item: G21787

    A Victors Badge in the National Trade Competition 2nd model, Kreissiegers Badge 1939 

  • Item: G21788

    A NSDAP Gau- München Badge 1933, Award for Old Fighters 1933 

  • Item: G23200

    An BDM Membership Badge; RZM Marked 

  • Item: C3274

    A First War Pair to the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery 

  • Item: C3323

    A 1914-15 Star to the 2nd Battalion; Wounded on the Somme 

  • Item: G20792

    A China Campaign and First War German Medal Bar  

  • Item: G18778

    A Recovered Dutch NSKK Badge 

  • Item: W3533

    A Rare American Document Group to a Victim of the Palawan Massacre 

  • Item: G19189

    An Early Silver Grade Infantry Badge in Tombac 

  • Item: G19158

    A German Association of the Economy of the Palatinate Long Service Table Medal 

  • Item: W3932

    A 1924 Japanese Investigator's Badge 

  • Item: W3933

    A Rare 1911 Japanese Welcome Badge for the United States Delegation  

  • Item: G21335

    A Panzer Shooting Lanyard 

  • Item: G21533

    A Rare German Elbe River Boat Pilot Badge; Numbered 

  • Item: G21545

    A First War & German Police Medal Bar 

  • Item: G21539

    A 1937 Artillery Competition Third Place Award Medal  

  • Item: G21572

    A Large Medal for the Battle of Kiev in September 1941 

  • Item: W3344

    An 1868 Brazilian Medal for Bravery for Paraguay 

  • Item: G21961

    A War Merit Cross First Class With Swords with Case  

  • Item: G21764

    An Early German Fire Defence Service Enlisted Man's Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G21820

    An SVB State Shooting Association Award; Bore Rifle Badge 

  • Item: G21818

    A 1938 National Socialist Flying Corps German Flight Award  

  • Item: G21825

    A Uniform Removed 1st Fallschirmjäger Regiment Cufftitle 

  • Item: G21827

    A Set of Waffen-SS Gruppenführer General's Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: G21865

    An SA-Wehrmannschaften Personnel Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G21868

    A Set of Generalmajor Shoulder Boards  

Total items found 666

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