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  • Item: EU8993

    Austria, Empire. An Honour Medal for Forty Years' of Faithful Service  

  • Item: EU8990

    Austria, Empire. A Carinthia Bravery Cross, 2nd Class, c.1919  

  • Item: EU9046

    Romania, Kingdom. A Lot of Four Medals and Awards  

  • Item: EU9772

    Latvia. An Order of the Three Stars, 5th Class Knight, c.1925  

  • Item: EU9863

    Italy, Kingdom. An East Africa Campaign Medal  

  • Item: G19861

    Germany. An Early Army Belt Buckle c.1935  

  • Item: G19899

    Germany. A Political Leader's Open Claw Buckle, RZM Control Tag  

  • Item: G19964

    Germany. A Pair of Feldwebel Air Ministry/Construction Unit Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G20989

    Germany. A Deutsche Reichsbahn EM/NCO Belt Buckle, Published Example, c.1934  

  • Item: G21133

    Germany. Three Luftwaffe Officer’s Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G21019

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Pilots Badge, by Juncker, Named to Officer Alber  

  • Item: G22310

    Germany. A Set of Waffen-SS Enlisted Transport Shoulder Straps  

  • Item: G22441

    Germany. An Association of Pension Insurance Carriers (VDR) German School Festival Badge  

  • Item: G22091

    Germany. An SS Officer's Belt Buckle, by Overhoff & Cie, Published Example  

  • Item: G22717

    Germany. A 1926-1936 Reichsparteitag Thüringen Day Badge  

  • Item: G22732

    Hanover. A Military Association War Medal, c.1918  

  • Item: G22899

    Germany. A Scarce Traditional DLV Badge for SA/SS Flying Groups  

  • Item: G22900

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Observer's Badge, Cloth Version  

  • Item: G22559

    Germany. A Panzer Badge, Bronze Grade, c.1939  

  • Item: EU8987

    Austria, Empire. Seven Miniature Medals and Decorations  

  • Item: G23733

    Prussia. An Iron Cross 1st Class 1914, Cloth Version, Rare  

  • Item: G23746

    Germany. A Waffen-SS "Reinhard Heydrich" Cufftitle  

  • Item: G23751

    Germany. A Technical Emergency Service (TeNo) Sleeve Badge  

  • Item: G23767

    Prussia. A Red Eagle Order, Prinzen Size, 4th Class, c.1855  

  • Item: G23789

    Germany. A DLV Stuttgart Mayor's 25th Jubilee Medal, c.1936  

  • Item: G23804

    Germany. A Mint SS-Gebirgstruppen Side Cap Edelweiss  

  • Item: G23812

    Mecklenburg-Schwerin. A Three Peice Medal Bar, c.1917  

  • Item: G23835

    Germany. An HJ Reichssport Competition Badge, c.1939  

  • Item: G24250

    Germany. An NSDAP District Meeting Day Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne, c.1939  

  • Item: EU8934

    Romania, Kingdom. A Military Officer's Sports Badge, c.1935  

  • Item: G18589

    Germany. An 18th Freiwilligen P.G. Div. Horst Wessel Tab  

  • Item: EU11674

    A Lot of Assorted French Colonial Marine Shoulder Insignia 1980-1990  

  • Item: EU11675

    A French Army Slip-On Commandant Rank Insignia 1950-1960s  

  • Item: EU11678

    Three French Foreign Legion Patches  

  • Item: G24126

    A Pre-First World War 55th Prussian Regiment Dress Shoulder Board  

  • Item: G24127

    A German Army 2nd Lieutenant Shoulder Board  

  • Item: G24129

    A Kriegsmarine Seaman 2nd Class (Gefreiter) Rank Chevron  

  • Item: G24130

    A German Army 1st Lieutenant Paymaster Official for the Duration of the War Administrative Branch Shoulder Board  

  • Item: G24131

    A Pre-First War German Officer's Shoulder Board Pair  

  • Item: G24132

    A Single Luftwaffe Flight EM Shoulder Strap  

  • Item: G24133

    A Single Wehrmacht Artillery Lieutenant Shoulder Strap  

  • Item: G24134

    A Single Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Gefreiter Collar Tab  

  • Item: G20990

    Germany. Four Luftwaffe Shoulder Straps & Boards  

  • Item: G22184

    Germany. A 1938 Magdeburg-Anhalt District Day Gathering at Dessau Badge  

  • Item: G24280

    Germany. A Bückeberg District Diet Badge, c.1937  

  • Item: G19904

    Germany. An Army Open Claw Belt Buckle, by Friedrich C. Werthmann  

  • Item: G22984

    Germany. A Wehrmacht Service Badge "Militar Verwaltung"  

  • Item: GB6066

    A Rare First War Royal Navy Paymaster Captain’s Bicorn Hat and Epaulettes with box  

  • Item: G22610

    Germany. A Vacation Trips to the North Sea Badge, c.1934  

  • Item: G22612

    Germany. A Gau Appell Gathering, Halle-Merseburg Tinnie, c.1933  

  • Item: EU12206

    A Foreign Legion Khaki Parade Kepi  

  • Item: EU12208

    A Foreign Legion Corporal Chef’s Kepi  

  • Item: EU12209

    A Foreign Legion Lieutenant’s Kepi  

  • Item: EU12212

    A Foreign Legion Enlisted Man’s Kepi  

  • Item: EU12421

    Greece. An Order of the Redeemer, Knight, 5th Class, c.1918  

  • Item: EU12400

    Austria, Empire. A Medal of Honour for Catholic Nuns in the Hospital Service 1915, Cased  

  • Item: EU12424

    Czechoslovakia, Republic. A Parachutist Badge, c.1960  

  • Item: EU12425

    Czechoslovakia. A Flight School in England Graduate's Miniature Badge, c.1943  

  • Item: G26199

    Germany. A Set of 3d Waffen-SS Panzer Division Untersturmführer Collar Tabs  

  • Item: G22981

    Germany. A Deutche Luftfahrt/DLV Officer's Visor Cap Insignia  

Total items found 404

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