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  • Item: EU9113

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. A Royal Military Badge for Excellence; Tsar Boris III, c.1920  

  • Item: EU9114

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. A Pilot's Badge, First Class  

  • Item: EU9701

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of the Star, Commanders Cross, Type I  

  • Item: GB4966

    United Kingdom. An 1881-1901 Norfolk Regiment Helmet Plate  

  • Item: C3156

    A Laval Canadian Officer's Training Corps Shoulder Title  

  • Item: C3194

    Canada. A Pair to the 2nd Depot Battery British Columbia Regiment  

  • Item: C3219

    Canada. A First War Medal Trio to the Canadian Army Service Corps  

  • Item: C3220

    Canada. A Medal Trio to the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters  

  • Item: C3217

    Canada. A First War Medal Trio 2nd Canadian Division Headquarters  

  • Item: C3261

    Canada. A 96th Lake Superior Regiment Cap Badge c.1910  

  • Item: C3295

    Canada. An 88th Victoria Fusiliers Officer's Collar Badge  

  • Item: EU10017

    Italy. A 1935 Fourth National Meeting Artillery Gunners at Florence Medal  

  • Item: EU10047

    Yugoslavia, Kingdom. A Tax Collectors Insignia, c.1910  

  • Item: EU9416

    Norway. A 1940-45 War Medal with Packet  

  • Item: EU9402

    Austria. A Belt Buckle for Troops in Bosnia, c.1910  

  • Item: EU9442

    Russia, Soviet Union. A Nine Piece Medal Bar  

  • Item: GB4996

    United Kingdom. A Miniature Victorian Distinguished Service Order in Gold  

  • Item: W3269

    Peru. An Order of Almirante Grau, 1st Class Commander's Star  

  • Item: EU9182

    Italy. A Set of Collar Badges  

  • Item: EU10067

    Italy. An 8th Field Artillery Regiment Medal, c.1942  

  • Item: GB4942

    United Kingdom. A General Service Medal 1962-2007 to the Parachute Regiment  

  • Item: EU8394

    Romania, Kingdom. A Reserve Officer's Badge, c.1935  

  • Item: C3095

    Canada. A 1920-36 Manitoba Horse Officer Collar Badges  

  • Item: EU8387

    Italy. An Automobile Club Badge, c.1937  

  • Item: EU8403

    Sweden. A Miniature Order of Vasa  

  • Item: EU8402

    Sweden. A Red Cross Award, Ladies Version, c.1954  

  • Item: G16795

    An NRSL/German Shooting Association Award with Case  

  • Item: EU8401

    Sweden. A Miniature Order of the Sword in Gold  

  • Item: GB4834

    United Kingdom. A South Africa & First War Group to the Imperial Yeomanry  

  • Item: EU7411

    Italy, Kingdom of Two Sicilies. A Royal Military Order of St. George, c.1819  

  • Item: GB4835

    United Kingdom. A 1901-1908 British-American Squadron of the King's Colonials Badge  

  • Item: C3136

    Canada. A Second War & Korea Medal Bar to C.J. Arsenault  

  • Item: EU10041

    Serbia. A 1912-13 Red Cross Medal  

  • Item: C3807

    Canada. A Long Service & Good Conduct Group to Captain G. Rhodes  

  • Item: EU9400

    Portugal. A Military Order of Christ by Rothe, Commander Cross  

  • Item: C3148

    Canada. A Birks Memorial Bar to DCM Recipient; KIA at Liri Valley  

  • Item: G25532

    Germany. A Scarce Retired Luftwaffe Pilot's Badge  

  • Item: EU8727

    Spain. An Order of Cisneros in Gold & Brilliance, Commander, c.1974  

  • Item: GB4863

    United Kingdom. A Miniature Order of St. Michael and St. George in Gold  

  • Item: GB4865

    United Kingdom. A Miniature Imperial Service Order  

  • Item: EU9651

    Serbia. A Cross of Takovo with Case, c.1885  

  • Item: G24355

    A 1934 Rostock District Day Badge  

  • Item: GB4766

    United Kingdom. A Royal Air Force Northern Ireland & Long Service Pair  

  • Item: GB4793

    United Kingdom. A Distinguished Flying Medal Miniature Group, c.1945  

  • Item: EU8506

    Austria, Imperial. A Miniature Bravery Medal; Gold Grade (1914-1916)  

  • Item: EU8519

    Hungary, Kingdom. An Artillery Badge, c.1938  

  • Item: G25465

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge by G.H. Osang, Dresden, Type B  

  • Item: G25558

    Germany. A Luftwaffe Flak Badge by E. F. Wiedmann  

  • Item: GB5070

    United Kingdom. A West Yorkshire Regiment Officer’s Badge, by Gaunt  

  • Item: W4146

    Ethiopia. An Order of the Star, Grand Officer Set, by B.A. Sevadjian  

  • Item: G27289

    A 1939 Stettin “Day of the Wehrmacht” Celebration Badge  

  • Item: EU10039

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. A Military Order for Bravery, 4th Class Knight, with Case  

  • Item: W4667

    Chile. A Twenty Year Navy Service Star  

  • Item: G33579

    A Second War German Eastern Winter Campaign Medal in its Packet of Issue  

  • Item: G33583

    Four First and Second War German Medals/Decorations/Awards  

  • Item: C5021

    Canada. A Lot of Five Miniature Medals  

  • Item: C5025

    Canada. A British War Medal, to Acting Lance Corporal Smylie, Canadian Tank Battalion  

  • Item: W5071

    Japan. A Iwate Prefecture Fire Brigade Association Honorary Member Badge, Cased and Boxed  

  • Item: GB6496

    United Kingdom. A Sheriff of London Badge, Attributed to Sir George Edmund Hodgkinson c.1850  

  • Item: G34891

    Germany. An Iron Cross 1939 First Class in its Presentation Case; Brass Core Version  

Total items found 508

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