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  • Item: G31674

    A Bavarian Royal Merit Order of St. Michael; 4th Class Cross 

  • Item: EU13947

    A Second War Period Spanish War Cross, Breast Star, Type I (1938-1942)  

  • Item: EU13946

    A Spanish Civil War Franco Period Supporter's Rosette 

  • Item: EU13945

    A Spanish Civil War Falange Second Line Militias Armband 

  • Item: EU13943

    A Second War Italian Black Brigade Skull Badge 

  • Item: EU13942

    A Dutch Jeugdstorm (Youthstorm) Armband 

  • Item: W4651

    An Iranian Order of the Lion and the Sun; 4th Class 

  • Item: EU13441

    A Soviet Russian Order of Glory; 3rd Class 

  • Item: EU13440

    A Yugoslavian Order of Military Merit with Silver Swords; 3rd Class with Case 

  • Item: EU13438

    A French War Cross (Croix de Guerre) 1914-1918 

  • Item: EU13437

    A Serbian Medal for Zeal; Version 1 

  • Item: EU13436

    A Polish Commemorative Cross of Monte Cassino 1944 

  • Item: EU13435

    An Icelandic Order of the Falcon; Commander's Cross with Royal Crown (1921-1944)  

  • Item: EU13434

    France. Escapees' Medal (Medaille des Evades) 

  • Item: EU13433

    An Austrian Honour Decoration of the Red Cross' Silver Medal with War Decoration 

  • Item: W4650

    A Korean Order of Military Merit; 4th Class (Hwarang)  

  • Item: G31671

    A 1933 NSDAP Nürnberg National Party Day Badge 

  • Item: EU13431

    An Ottoman Empire Order of Osmania (Osmanli); 1st Class Grand Cross Case 

  • Item: EU13430

    A Yugoslavian Order of the Republic with Bronze Wreath with Case  

  • Item: EU13429

    A Yugoslavian Order of the Republic with Silver Wreath; Cased Early Version 

  • Item: EU13428

    An Order of the Spanish Red Cross; 1st Class Neck Badge  

  • Item: EU13427

    An Order of Merit of Luxembourg; 3rd Class Commander 

  • Item: EU13426

    An Order of St. Sylvester; Type II by Austrian Maker Rothe 

  • Item: EU13425

    An Order of Pius; Grand Cross Breast Star 

  • Item: W4649

    A Second War American Bronze Star with Case 

  • Item: EU13424

    A Hungarian Order of the Holy Crown; Commander Badge 1942 

  • Item: EU13423

    A Rare Kingdom of Bulgarian Death Badge for Next of Kin 

  • Item: EU13422

    A Kingdom of Bulgaria Police Badge, c. 1930s 

  • Item: EU13421

    A Kingdom of Bulgarian Military Academy Badge 

  • Item: EU13420

    A Soviet Russian Jubilee Medal for 20 Years of the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army 1918-1938  

  • Item: EU13419

    A Soviet Russian Medal for the Liberation of Belgrade 

  • Item: EU13418

    A Soviet Russian Order of the Red Banner; Type 4 

  • Item: EU13417

    A Soviet Russian Medal for the Defence of Odessa 

  • Item: EU13416

    A Serbian Officer’s Cap Badge, c. 1930  

  • Item: EU13415

    Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Army Officer's Cap Badge 

  • Item: EU13414

    A Miniature Serbian Cross of the Red Cross Society 

  • Item: EU13413

    A Royal Yugoslavian Officer's Belt Buckle 

  • Item: EU13412

    A Serbian Order of the White Eagle; 5th Class Knight, Type II (1903-1941) 

  • Item: EU13411

    A Second War Serbian Officer's Cap Badge with Cypher of Peter II (1934-1945) 

  • Item: EU13410

    A Miniature Serbian Order of St. Sava 

  • Item: EU13408

    A Bulgarian Supreme Court Judge's Collar Chain with Badge 

  • Item: EU13407

    An Early Danish Order of Dannebrog Collar Chain c.1840 

  • Item: EU13406

    A Romanian Order of Cultural Merit; Commander, Type I (1930-1940) 

  • Item: EU13405

    A Romanian Cavalry Officer's Seven Years' Service Regimental Badge 

  • Item: G31673

    A 1934 Verden Day of Lower Saxony Badge 

  • Item: G31672

    A 1933 Bielefeld Day of the Labour Front Badge 

  • Item: G31670

    A 1937 National Meeting of Anti-Aircraft Veterans Badge by E. F. Wiedmann 

  • Item: G31669

    A 1933 HJ Kehla Regional Meeting Badge 

  • Item: G31668

    A 1939 SA Group Donau Sports Championships Badge by Richard Sieper & Söhne 

  • Item: G31667

    A 1933 “One Nation, One Empire, One Leader” Badge by Carl Poellath 

  • Item: G31666

    A 1934 HJ Region 13 Hessen-Nassau Rally Badge 

  • Item: G31665

    A 1938 NSDAP District Bergland Council Day Badge 

  • Item: G31664

    A 1935 NSDAP Danzig Election Badge 

  • Item: G31663

    A 1933 NSDAP Victory on the Lippe Badge 

  • Item: G30762

    A First War Bavarian Military Merit Orderand Long Service Medal Ribbon Bar 

  • Item: G30770

    A NSKK (National Socialist Motor Corps) Membership Stick Pin by Fritz Kohm 

  • Item: G30083

    A 2nd Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger by Lauterjung & Sohn (Puma werk), Solingen 

  • Item: G30088

    A Rare East District Coastal Watch Police (Danzig/Prussia) Armband 

  • Item: G30070

    A Post War Signed Photo of SS-Hauptsturmführer Siegfried Brosow 

  • Item: G30055

    A Grouping of Five Third Reich Period German Badges, Pins and Insignia 

Total items found 41127

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