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  • United States, Canada. Bullard Arms by G. Scott Jamieson
  • United States, Canada. Bullard Arms by G. Scott Jamieson
  • United States, Canada. Bullard Arms by G. Scott Jamieson

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United States, Canada. Bullard Arms by G. Scott Jamieson



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United States, Canada. Bullard Arms by G. Scott Jamieson

Hardcover, gray cloth cover, with dust jacket, entitled "Bullard Arms" by G. Scott Jamieson, copyrighted by the author in 1988, published by The Boston Mills Press of Erin, Ontario, design by John Denison, typeset by Speed River Graphics, printed by Ampersand of Guelph, Ontario, ISBN 0-919783-65-1. It was produced with the financial assistance of The Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Office of the Secretary of State, and is a recipient of both the American Association for State and Local History Award of Merit and a Winner of the Heritage Canada Communications Award. It begins with a List of Contents, followed by a Foreword by the author. It is divided into ten chapters: 1 - James Herbery Bullard; 2 - The Factory and Its Development; 3 - Large-Frame Repeaters; 4 - Small-Frame Repeaters; 5 - Single-Shot Solid-Frame Models; 6 - Single-Shot Detachable-Interchangeable Barrel Models; 7 - Military and Experimental Models, All Types; 8 - Cartridges: Development, Patents, Calibers and Reloading Tools; 9 - Bullard Advertising and Catalogs; 10 - Production Tables by Serial Number. As stated on the dust jacket: "Bullar Arms by G. Scott Jamieson is the story of a mechanical genius whose rifles and cartridges were the equal of any made in America in the 1880s, yet little of substance has been written about James H. Bullard or his arms. The author hopes this book will forever remove the veil of legend surrounding the rifles of J.H. Bullard and show them as they truly are, examples of American rifle making at its finest. The book is divided into ten chapters, each covering a different aspect of the Bullard story. Chapter One is devoted to James H. Bullard, the inventor of the rifle that bore his name. It covers his very productive life and many of his parents pertaining to firearms. Chapter Two tells the story of the factory itself, from the initial land purchases to the completion of the building. The purchase of machinery was to lead to many courtroom battles between Pratt and Whitney and the Bullard Company and ended with some complicated legal maneuvering giving control of the factory, at least on paper, to one G.H. Ball. The chapter ends with the sale of the empty factory to a Christian school. Chapters Three through Seven outline in detail the large frame repeaters, the small frame repeaters, the small frame single-shot rifles, the detachable-interchangeable barrel model single-shots and lastly, the very rare military and experimental models. Each model is covered by a separate chapter showing many photographs of the rifles along with many exquisite drawings by Edward A. Tolosky, R. Bruce McDowell, Craig R. Hostetter and Michael W. Whitely. Chapters Eight and Nine cover the fascinating and equally unknown world of Bullard Cartridges and reloading tools. James Zupan fully covers the Brown "Variform" reloading tool in relationship to the Bullard Company. All known patent drawings are included for his cartridge designs. Included also are many photographs of Bullard cartridge boxes. Four complete Bullard catalogues plus two large flyers are reproduced in full within Chapter Nine. Many advertisements and some original correspondence have been reproduced as well, in order to help date the introduction of various Bullard models. The final chapter outlines in chart form all the known Bullard rifles by serial number and calibre that the author has been able to uncover in fourteen years of research. It very graphically dispels once and for all some of the mythical production figures that have abounded for years around Bullard rifles. This book is a must for collectors, historians and dealers alike." It concludes with a List of Bullard Patents from 1877 to 1889, an Acknowledgements, a Bibliography and a one page Index. The book contains 246 pages of text, along with multiple pages of black and white photographs and line illustrations, printed in black ink, on a satin-finished white paper stock, measuring 220 mm (w) x 286 mm (h) x 20 mm (d). Near extremely fine.


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