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eMedals-Rare Polish 663 Squadron RAF Badge

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Rare Polish 663 Squadron RAF Badge

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Rare Polish 663 Squadron RAF Badge

Polish 663 Squadron RAF Badge - In bronze, enamels and silver, marked F.M. LORIOLI, MILANO-ROMA, extremely fine. Footnote: The 663 Squardon Aircraft Artillery (663 Dywizjon Samolotow Artylerii) called the 663rd Polish Air Observation Post Squadron, an aviation subdivision army of the Polish Armed Force in the West. The squadron was created on September 8, 1944, when pilots and ground support personnel found themselves together at the Ebola airport, thirty km southeast of Salerno, Italy. The decision on the formation of the unit was taken in late May and June 1944. Each regiment of artillery II Polish Corps were selected after two officers who were directed to Cairo for a medical examination and then to Pretoria, South Africa. In early July, a group of artillery officers began pilot training in artillery and air observation, at 62 Air School in Blomfontein, with eighteen officers completing the training on October 18. By January 8, 1945, the squadron pilots made their first flights operating in favour of the British 8th Army V Corps. In February. Squadron "A" had also collaborated with the Italian partisans. KPII, Brigadier Odzierzynskiemu Roman was subdivision subordinate to the commander of the artillery. In April 1945, the squadron saw action at the Battle of Bologna (Squadron "A" was assigned to the 3 DSK, Squadron "B" - 5 KDP and the Squadron "C" - 2 GA). The unit was disbanded on October 19, 1946
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