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Prussian Military Merit Cross Group to


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Prussian Military Merit Cross Group to

Vizefeldwebel Carl Schmidt, IR 66: medal bar with three awards (Iron Cross Second Class 1914, magnetic; Prussian Military Merit Cross, silver gilt, bottom arm marked "938 W"; Hindenburg Cross with Swords); Miniature of Prussian Military Merit Cross, gilt, fine quality; Iron Cross First Class 1914, catch repaired; two related ribbon bars. Generally very fine condition. Sold with copies of research papers about this soldier, including copy of citation for the award of Prussian MMM (translated): "Copy of the grounds for the submission of Reserve Warrant Officer Karl Schmidt of the 2nd Company of the 66th Regiment to receive the highest token of honor. Reserve Warrant Officer Schmidt has constantly proven his mettle since the beginning of the war.With a number of his troops, he was the first to break into the elevated enemy positions on the Chemin des Dames on 27/05/1918, far ahead of the remainder of his platoon, managing to take half a company captive.Near Vailly he once again acted in a daring manner, conquering the heavily defended machine gun nests and taking 200 captive. In performing this feat he was severely wounded. Schmidt has held the Iron Cross 1st Class since 18/05/1917. " Further, a copy of local newspaper referring to his Funeral:"Braunschweig Section farewells Carl Schmidt;Our Military Cross bearing comrade Reserve Captain Carl Schmidt (ret.) passed away on his 83rd birthday on 7th April 1974. A large group of mourners was present on a lovely sunny spring morning at Gifhorn Cemetery to farewell Carl Schmidt. The funeral was attended by his comrades Gruenwald, Isken, Rollwage, Stumpe and Trenkel of the Society of Knight?s Cross Bearers and Artmeyer, Moehring, Wiechmann and Wissel of the OvMVK1, some accompanied by their families.In the cemetery chapel a steel helmet rested on the coffin, which was draped with a German flag and flanked by a German Federal Armed Forces guard of honor. A sea of flowers gave testimony to the popularity of the deceased. The local pastor, Rev. Gamsen, praised the man and the Christian. The funeral procession left the chapel to a muffled drum beat and moved to the graveside where the guards of honor representing the German Armed Forces, the Society of Knight?s Cross Bearers / OvMVK, the Kyffhaeuser Veterans Association and other organization had taken up their positions. After the minister had given the consecration, his comrade, former Braunschweig Section Leader Gruenwald delivered the obituary on behalf of the absent Society of Knight?s Cross Bearers Section Leader Rotte, who was unable to attend."The brave heart of a soldier has ceased to beat. We say farewell to our comrade Carl Schmidt. On behalf of the Society of Knight?s Cross Bearers and the OvMVK I deliver our final accolade and express our respect to our deceased comrade.The military guard of honor, provided by Battalion 321 Armed Infantry Division, is honoring an old soldier who bore the highest Prussian award for bravery given to a non-commissioned officer in World War I, the Golden Prussian Military Cross.The deceased was an infantry man through and through. For him, the infantry was the "king of weapons". From 1911-1913 he served in the 93rd Infantry Regiment in Dessau and he entered World War I with the 66th Infantry Regiment. A proven soldier in the face of the enemy, he received the Iron Cross Class I and II. In 1918 - in the final year of that mighty struggle - he managed to break into the enemy positions at the "Chemin des Dames" in a daring raid, to overcome machine gunners and trench soldiers and to take 200 enemy soldiers captive. His regiment then attacked and were able to storm the "Chemin des Dames". The words "Chemin des Dames" are indelibly etched into the memories of WWI veterans. For his bravery during this decisive attack, the former Warrant Officer Carl Schmidt was awarded the Golden Prussian Military Cross.He entered the Second World War as a reserve officer and once again he was posted to the front. As a Company Leader in the infantry he proved to be a model of bravery and commitment as well as constantly caring for his troops. He spent two hard years as a prisoner of war with his comrades, returning home in 1947.Carl Schmidt was a Prussian in the best sense of the word. Brave, modest and god-fearing, dutiful, chivalrous toward his opponent and filled with a sense of justice. He possessed civil courage and invested great energy in all things of great importance to him: family, local area and fatherland, the old imperial army, the former German defence forces, his old comrades with the Golden Military Cross, his younger comrades with the Knight?s Cross. His activity was illuminating. He earned great respect from the troops with whom he fought and from his old comrades, with whom he remained so close until his dying day. He felt a great sense of satisfaction that he and his comrades bearing the Golden Military Cross (as veterans of WWI) had finally found their rightful military place as a member of the "Knight?s Cross Medal Association", alongside the veterans of WWII". (Sold with expertise of authenticity, D. Niemann).
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