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eMedals-Prussian EM/NCO’s Pickelhaube

Item: G3589

Prussian EM/NCO’s Pickelhaube

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Prussian EM/NCO’s Pickelhaube

Prussian EM/NCOs? blackened lacquered leather construction Pickelhaube with red brass metal fittings. The Pickelhaube features a rounded body and crown with stitched on, extended, rounded corner, front and rear visors. The Pickelhaube has a tombac Prussian EM/NCOs? helmet plate (wappen). The helmet plate features the crowned Prussian eagle with upswept wings, clutching a royal scepter and a royal orb with an embossed scripted banner superimposed on its wings and breast. The embossed script to the banner consists of, "Mit Gott F?r Koenig und Vaterland", (With God for King and Fatherland), and has the royal, "FR" Cypher to its breast indicating, Friedrich Rex, (King Friedrich). The helmet plate is attached to the Pickelhaube by two metal loops which extend into the interior through corresponding holes to the front. (No extra holes & complete with original grommets). One of the leather securing straps is missing and now have a piece of wire in place as a temporary holder. Would be an easy fix. The top crown of the Pickelhaube has the typical, circular, magnetic sheet metal spike base with three of the four original dome headed split pin retaining rivets intact. The ornamental, non-detachable pattern, brass spike has two circular ventilation holes to the "neck" portion. Spike undamaged. The reverse center of the Pickelhaube has a vertical, red brass, reinforcement spine with the sliding ventilation shutter intact near the top edge. The spine is secured to the pickelhaube by a spilt pin rivet and a screw with a retaining nut. The forward leather visor has magnetic sheet metal trim to the forward edge secured by two large dome headed rivets. The pickelhaube has M1891side posts positioned on either side of the body for securing the chinstrap and the national and state cockades. The pickelhaube has a multi-piece, convexed, tapered, gilded brass chinscales with a black leather backstrap to the reverse which is secured in place by M91 side posts. The chinscales are secured at the front center of the helmet with a small horizontal slit to the right side and an extended swivel tab to the left side. The leather backstrap has a small brass buckle enabling it to be functional as a chin strap. Both korkarden are present and are original. The interior of the pickelhaube is in natural tan leather with a nine finger blackened leather liner. The liner is complete and still supple and all the fingers are intact. Original leather liner string is also still present. The interior crown has the magnetic stamped sheet metal spike base retainer intact. The Pickelhaube is in overall excellent condition and the exterior shows the typical surface light surface checking to the lacquered finish. Near extremely fine condition.
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