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eMedals-Prussia, Kingdom. A Pour-le-Mérite in Gold, by Samuel & Ernest Colliveaux, c.1770

Item: G45113

Prussia, Kingdom. A Pour-le-Mérite in Gold, by Samuel & Ernest Colliveaux, c.1770



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Prussia, Kingdom. A Pour-le-Mérite in Gold, by Samuel & Ernest Colliveaux, c.1770

(Pour le Mérite). Instituted by Friedrich II of Prussia after he claimed the throne in 1740, and awarded primarily to members of the Prussian Army. 1740-1790 Issued. Likely variation of Samuel & Ernest Colliveaux’s workshop, a superbly manufactured historical piece from the 18th century, consisting of a blue-enamelling Maltese Cross in Gold, stylized by hand-chased highly-detailed imperial Gold eagles in each quadrant, the obverse featuring period "Roman" style gold lettering with hand-made black shading, consisting of the inscription “Pour Le Mérite” from the left cross arm to the right ending on the bottom arm, 12 o’clock arm standing a crowned monogram “F” for Freidrich, with hand-made white pearls surmounted the crown, the reverse is plain in solid blue enamel placed within the gold frame, surmounted by typical workshop integral ring suspension, measuring 50.11 mm (w) x 50.11 mm (h), weighting 19.12 grams, with minor chipping enamel on both obverse and reverse, presenting enamel discoloration for environment factors, otherwise an astonished well-preserved original piece in very good condition.

Accompanied by an Authentication and Appraisal document from MEDALNET APPRAISAL SERVICES to eMedals, dated August 20, 2018, with original signatures of Andreas M. Schulze Ising and Bernd Kruse. The Authentication and Appraisal document presents a comprehensive history of the Order, together with a complete set of images of this version, as well as certifies rarity of this piece due to the few awards granted in the 18th century that actually survived until today.  

Footnote: King Friedrich I of Prussia established the “Ordre de la Générosité” in 1667. His son, Friedrich II (The Great) claimed the throne and changed the “Ordre de la Générosité” into the Order “Pour le Mérite” in 1740. The latter was awarded mainly for military and civil merit. Finally on January 18, 1810, King Friedrich-Wilhelm III limited the order to reward exclusively for merit in battle. The order became abolished for military merit after the Second World War. The Order was awarded 5750 times in its lifespan.

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