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eMedals-Photos, Generaloberst H. ”Papa” Hoth

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Photos, Generaloberst H. ”Papa” Hoth

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Photos, Generaloberst H. ”Papa” Hoth

Collection of 58 original photos, variety of sizes (6 large 18x13cm; smallest ones 6x8cm), approximately 20 photos with hand written notes, dates (presumably by H. Hoth); mostly of military related nature, and mostly taken on Russian Front; some excellent photos! In very fine condition. Footnote: Hermann "Papa" Hoth (12 April 1885 - 25 January 1971) was an Officer in the German Army from 1903 to 1945. He attained the rank of Generaloberst during WWII. He fought in France, but is most noted for his later exploits as a panzer commander on the Eastern Front. H. Hoth commanded the 4th Panzer Army during Operation Barbarossa in 1941, and later during the Wehrmacht?s 1942 summer offensive. Following the encirclement of the 6th Army in Stalingrad in November 1942, Hoth commanded the panzer army during Operation Wintergewitter. After Stalingrad, Hoth was involved in the Kursk counter offensive in the summer of 1943 and the Battle of Kiev. The Fourth Panzer Army under his command at Kursk was the largest tank formation ever assembled. Hoth was dismissed from command by Adolf Hitler in 1943, only to be reinstated for a short time during the last weeks of the war. After the war, he served six years in prison for war crimes, and became a writer on military history.
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