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eMedals-Order of the Holly Sepulchre of Jerusalem

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Order of the Holly Sepulchre of Jerusalem

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Order of the Holly Sepulchre of Jerusalem

Equestrian Order of the Holly Sepulchre of Jerusalem - Silver gilt and red enamels, 37.5 mm, surmounted by a silver gilt and red enamelled knotted bow, suspended from a black bow-tied ribbon, light contact, near extremely fine.  Footnote: The principal symbol of the Order is its five-fold cross, which appears on its uniform and insignia. This five-fold cross has for centuries been a symbol of the holy city of Jerusalem, where the Order arose and which is still its spiritual home. It consists of a large central cross with laterally extended tips, with a similar smaller cross in each quarter of the large cross. It is traditionally said to symbolize the five most precious wounds of Christ. The Jerusalem cross, as used in the insignia of Members of the Order, is faced in red enamel and bordered in gold. In Knights' insignia the cross is surmounted by a military trophy (Men's), whose use was decreed by Pope Saint Pius X, then Grand Master of the Order, to distinguish Knights' insignia from Ladies'. Ladies were first admitted to the Order by his predecessor, Pope Leo XIII, and in the case of the Ladies' insignia, the cross is surmounted by a knotted bow in gold. The full insignia of the Order are normally worn with formal dress when other decorations are worn. The insignia are worn suspended from black silk moire ribbons of various widths.
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