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eMedals-Order of Leopold – First Class in Gold

Item: EU3161

Order of Leopold – First Class in Gold

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Order of Leopold – First Class in Gold

Order of Leopold - Cross First Class, by Rothe, in Gold and enamels, 40.5mm (x80mm including crown suspension); crown measures 39.4x44.8mm; minor enamel repair to crown and the cross, in good very fine condition. Cross and the crown although both made by Rothe, have different markings, and are of different period manufacture; crown has a mark “750 FR” (for period 1867-72), while the cross have a mark on eyelet “ FR” and “Gemsenkopf A” (for period 1872-1914), and likely manufactured circa 1900. This mixing of crowns and crosses is well known practice of Austrian Order Chancellery and evident on many Austrian Orders, including MMTO and St. Stephen, and is a result of either cross or crown being lost or damaged, subsequently sent to Order Chancellery where missing part was replaced; this is evident on many high grade Austrian Imperial Orders at the Austrian War Museum in Vienna. Without sash ribbon. (AO1056)
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