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North America

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  • Item: C3156

    A Laval Canadian Officer's Training Corps Shoulder Title  

  • Item: C3194

    Canada. A Pair to the 2nd Depot Battery British Columbia Regiment  

  • Item: C3220

    Canada. A Medal Trio to the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters  

  • Item: C3217

    Canada. A First War Medal Trio 2nd Canadian Division Headquarters  

  • Item: C3219

    Canada. A First War Medal Trio to the Canadian Army Service Corps  

  • Item: C3295

    Canada. An 88th Victoria Fusiliers Officer's Collar Badge  

  • Item: C3261

    Canada. A 96th Lake Superior Regiment Cap Badge c.1910  

  • Item: C3095

    Canada. A 1920-36 Manitoba Horse Officer Collar Badges  

  • Item: C3136

    Canada. A Second War & Korea Medal Bar to C.J. Arsenault  

  • Item: C3807

    Canada. A Long Service & Good Conduct Group to Captain G. Rhodes  

  • Item: C3148

    Canada. A Birks Memorial Bar to DCM Recipient; KIA at Liri Valley  

  • Item: C5024

    Canada. A Wireless Training Award Group to M.V. Flynn, Royal Canadian Air Force  

  • Item: C5022

    Canada. An Unissued ERII Memorial Cross  

  • Item: C5026

    Canada. A First War 69th Overseas Field Battery Sweetheart Badge  

  • Item: C5025

    Canada. A British War Medal, to Acting Lance Corporal Smylie, Canadian Tank Battalion  

  • Item: C5023

    Canada. A Memorial Cross to Private McNamara, 85th Infantry Battalion, KIA Neuville St. Vasst, 1918  

  • Item: C5021

    Canada. A Lot of Five Miniature Medals  

  • Item: W5067

    United States. An Army Cavalry Bugle  

  • Item: C5027

    Canada. Three Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Sweetheart Badges  

  • Item: EG1467a

    United States. A (USN) Officer's Cap Badge, c.1942  

  • Item: EG1467b

    United States. A (USMC) Shako Badge, c.1892-1904  

  • Item: EG1598

    United Kingdom. A Canada General Service Medal 1866-1870 to the South Lincolnshire, Trout River  

  • Item: EG1467

    United States. A Civil War 71st New York Infantry Excelsior Shako Badge  

  • Item: EG1599

    United Kingdom. A North West Canada Medal 1885, Royal Canadian Artillery, Saskatchewan Entitled  

  • Item: W4686

    United States. A Group to Second Lieutenant John Burnett Lee III, 24th Aero Squadron  

  • Item: W5076

    United States. A Spanish American War Veterans National Auxiliary Badge  

  • Item: C5028

    Canada. A trio to the 5th Battery, 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery, Died of Wounds sustained at the Battle of St. Julien  

  • Item: W5081

    United States. A 101st Airborne Band of Brothers Officer's Gallantry Group for Bastogne  

  • Item: W5077

    United States. Two West Texas Military Academy (WTMA) Collar Tab Insignia, c.1890  

  • Item: W5075

    United States. A Spanish American War Veterans Cap Badge  

  • Item: W5078

    United States. Ten West Texas Military Academy (WTMA) Buttons, c.1890  

  • Item: W3835

    Cuba. A Fine Miniature Order of Carlos Manual Cespedes  

  • Item: C4844

    United Kingdom. A Medal Pair & Love Letters to India Campaign Veteran; Found in Wall  

  • Item: W3703

    Cuba. A Red Cross Order, 1st Class Grand Cross Star, by G. Wolfers  

  • Item: W3702

    Cuba. A Red Cross Order, 3rd Class Commander's Badge, by Antigua Vilardebo  

  • Item: EG1430

    United States. A Lot of Sixty-Two Infantry Division Badges  

  • Item: EG762

    United States. A Lot of Fifty-Eight Regimental Badges  

  • Item: EG1394

    United States. A Welcome Society of Pennsylvania Membership Badge, c.1910  

  • Item: EG966

    United States. A Lot of Three Medals and Badges  

  • Item: EG936

    United States. A National Society of Patriotic Women of America Membership Badge in Gold  

  • Item: EG1435

    United States. A Lot of Sixty-Four Regimental Badges  

  • Item: EG1399

    United States. A Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Membership Badge  

  • Item: EG1393

    United States. An Order of Founders and Patriots of America Membership Badge in Gold, c.1897  

  • Item: EG1444

    United States. Two Commemorative Table Medals  

  • Item: EG964

    United States. A Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Membership Badge  

  • Item: EG759

    United States. A Lot of Fourteen Ordnance Insignia  

  • Item: EG761

    United States. A Lot of Thirty-Three New York State Guard Brigade and Infantry Badges  

  • Item: EG939

    United States. A Legion of Honor Membership Badge in Gold, c.1890  

  • Item: EG968

    United States. A Lot of Three Badges and Medals  

  • Item: EG937

    United States. A Revolutionary Memorial Society of New Jersey Membership Badge in Gold, 1776-1896  

  • Item: EG758

    United States. A Lot of Seventy-Eight Infantry Regimental Badges  

  • Item: EG758a

    United States. A Lot of Seventy-Seven Infantry Regimental Badges  

  • Item: EG964a

    United States. A Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Membership Badge  

  • Item: EG967

    United States. A Lot of Three Badges and Medals  

  • Item: EG964b

    United States. A City of Mechanicville, New York Service Recognition Medal, c.1919  

  • Item: EG969

    United States. A Lot of Eight Medals & Insignia  

  • Item: EG1469

    United States. A Lot of Seven Insignia  

  • Item: EG965

    United States. A Lot of Three Badges  

  • Item: EG934

    United States. A Daughters of 1812 Membership Badge in Gold, Pennsylvania Chapter Clasp, c.1896  

  • Item: EG1437

    United States. A Lot of One Hundred and Thirty-Seven Badges & Insignia  

Total items found 61

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