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North America

Total items found 37

  • Item: W3070

    A Second War American Army Air Force Aircrew Wings 

  • Item: W3168

    A New York State Small Arms Practice Medal by Tiffany & Co 

  • Item: W3169

    An American Legion of Merit to Turkish General Mehmet Ali Keskiner 

  • Item: W3171

    An American Bronze Star to Frederick W. Horton 

  • Item: W3231

    A Second War Bronze Star with Miniature & Case 

  • Item: W4553

    A Second War American Tank Recognition Model; Stuart M-5  

  • Item: W4558

    A Spanish-American War Group to the 4th Illinois Regiment 

  • Item: C4623

    A Canadian Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee Medal 1952-1977  

  • Item: C4624

    A Canada General Service Medal 1866-1970  

  • Item: C4626

    An Extensive Canadian First & Second War Miniature Group  

  • Item: C4625

    A Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Aerial Photographer Trade Badge 1944-1949  

  • Item: W4563

    An American First War Victory Medal with Overseas Clasp 

  • Item: C4627

    A First War Canadian Corps Cyclists General Service Badge 

  • Item: W4567

    A Mint & Scarce Second War First Special Service Force Cap Badge 

  • Item: C4628

    A Canadian Hong Kong Internment Group to Sgt. Fletcher; Royal Rifles of Canada  

  • Item: W4568

    A Mint Second War American Army Air Force Pilot Badge 

  • Item: C4629

    A Rare Pair of First War Double-Function Flyer’s Gloves 

  • Item: C4630

    A Rare Set of First War British Mark II Flying Goggles of RFC Pilot KIA 

  • Item: W4569

    A 1943 Newsmap Issued by the U.S. War Department 

  • Item: W4570

    A Large 1942 American Propaganda Poster: “This is Nazi brutality” 

  • Item: C4632

    A 1912 Dominion of Canada Civilian Rifle Associations Award Plate 

  • Item: W4574

    An American Purple Heart  

  • Item: W4575

    A 1898 American Army Spanish Campaign Medal; Numbered  

  • Item: W4576

    An American Silver Star; Numbered 64414 

  • Item: W4577

    An American Civil War Union Army Veteran's Medal  

  • Item: W4580

    An American Army Indian Campaign Medal 

  • Item: W4581

    An American Army Philippine Congressional Medal 1899  

  • Item: W4582

    An American Army Philippine Insurrection Medal 1899 

  • Item: W4583

    An American Army Mexican Service Medal 1911-1917  

  • Item: W4584

    An American Army of Cuban Occupation Medal 1898-1902 

  • Item: W4585

    An American First War Victory Medal; Two Clasps  

  • Item: W4586

    Five American Second War Medals & Awards  

  • Item: W4587

    An American Korean War Service Pair  

  • Item: W4588

    Four American Service Medals & Awards  

  • Item: W4589

    Three American Unit Commendations  

  • Item: W4590

    Two United States Army Air Corps (USAAC) Pins 

  • Item: W4591

    Six American Awards  

Total items found 37

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