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North America

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  • Item: W2751

    An American Navy Second Nicaraguan Campaign Medal 1926-1930  

  • Item: W2746

    A First War American Victory Medal; Siberia  

  • Item: W2750

    A 1915 American Marine Corps Haitian Campaign Medal  

  • Item: W2797

    United States. A Rare First War Victory Medal; Northern Bomber Group  

  • Item: W2849

    An American Foreign Wars Veteran's Medals  

  • Item: W2865

    A Second War American Observer's Wings by Amico  

  • Item: W2767

    A First War American Victory Medal; West Indies  

  • Item: W2752

    An American West Indies Naval Campaign Medal (Sampson Medal)  

  • Item: W2794

    An American Civil War Medal Pair the First Regiment  

  • Item: C4667

    Four Miniature Canadian Awards  

  • Item: C4942

    A Pair of Memorial Crosses Issued to the Wife & Mother of Lieutenant Anderson  

  • Item: C4947

    Canada. A Memorial Cross to Air Mechanic Carrick, Royal Air Force, Died of Disease  

  • Item: W4981

    Four American Defense Departmental Awards  

  • Item: W4986

    Three First War American Commemorative Medals  

  • Item: C4940

    Forty-Five Second War Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) European Photographs  

  • Item: C4945

    Canada. A Victory Medal to MM Recipient and DOW October 1918  

  • Item: W4984

    Three Second War Philippines Medals  

  • Item: C4943

    A Memorial Cross to Corporal Dewar, RCAF; "Motor Accident"  

  • Item: C4948

    A First War Group to Private Whitworth, 1st Infantry Battalion "Ontario Regiment"  

  • Item: W4982

    Four American Coast Guard and Navy Shooting Proficiency Medals  

  • Item: C4941

    A 1920 War Air Ministry Envelope Addressed to a Canadian Captain  

  • Item: C4946

    A Memorial Cross to Private Wright; 1st Tunnelling Company; KIA at the Battle of the Scarpe  

  • Item: W4980

    Three American Defense Agency Civilian Awards  

  • Item: W4985

    Two United States Control and Disarmament Agency Awards  

  • Item: C4944

    A Memorial Cross to Pilot Officer Myles RCAF  

  • Item: C4949

    Canada. Korean War HMCS Nootka Veteran's Photographs  

  • Item: W4983

    Six American Armed Forces Reserve Medals  

  • Item: C4950

    Five Second War Publications & Twenty-two Photographs and One Postcard; RCAF  

  • Item: W4990

    Two United States Army Public (Civilian) Service Awards  

  • Item: EG1426a

    United States. Four Second War American Regimental Insignia Pins  

  • Item: EG1426

    United States. Four Second War Regimental Insignia Pins  

  • Item: EG1620

    United States. A Spanish American War Veterans Medal; Numbered  

  • Item: C4954

    Canada. An Early 1920's Canadian Air Force (CAF) Field Service Cap Badge  

  • Item: C4957

    Canada. A Gulf and Kuwait Medal 1991, Boxed  

  • Item: C4962

    Canada. A First War Officer's Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery General Service Cap Badge with Canada Scroll  

  • Item: C4967

    Great Britain. A Canada General Service Medal 1866-1870 to Cadet, Military School  

  • Item: C4952

    Canada. A First War 97th Infantry Battalion "Toronto Americans" Cap Badge, Second Version  

  • Item: W4997

    United States. A Purple Heart, to Private James G. Warren, 137th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division  

  • Item: C4960

    Canada. A First War 9th Mounted Rifles Cap Badge  

  • Item: C4955

    Canada. A Second War Group to Sergeant J.M.A. Barrette, Le Régiment de Québec (Mitrailleuses)  

  • Item: C4963

    Great Britain. A Canada General Service Medal to Private Henry Thurston, 14th Battalion  

  • Item: C4968

    Canada. A Second War Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS) Aero Engineer Wings, Scarce  

  • Item: C4953

    Canada. A Second War North West Europe Campaign Group  

  • Item: C4956

    Canada. A Second War Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Officer's Cap Badge  

  • Item: C4961

    Great Britain. A Canada General Service Medal to Private Wortman, 2nd Storrington Rifle Company  

  • Item: C4966

    Canada. Seven Second War Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Items  

  • Item: W4995

    Cuba. An Order of Merit Mambi, Scarce  

  • Item: C4959

    Canada. A First War 4th Mounted Rifle Battalion Cap Badge, Second Version  

  • Item: C4964

    Canada. A First War 9th Mounted Rifles Shoulder Title  

  • Item: C4969

    A Memorial Cross to Private Lovett, 85th Infantry Battalion, KIA at the Battle of Arleux  

  • Item: C4958

    Great Britain. A North West Canada Medal 1885, to Trooper Donald MacDonald, Alberta Mounted Rifles  

  • Item: W5007

    United States. A Navy (USN) Naval Aviation Pilot Badge by Gemsco  

  • Item: EG1380

    United States. An American Society of the Daughters of Holland Dames Insignia Badge  

  • Item: EG1375

    United States. Two American Medals  

  • Item: EG1383

    United States. An American Insignia of the Colonial Order of the Acorn Badge  

  • Item: EG1377

    United States. An American Navy League Membership Badge  

  • Item: EG1396

    United States. An American General Society of the War of 1812 Membership Badge in Gold  

Total items found 57

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