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North America

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  • Item: C3239

    An Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal with Canada Bar to the R.C.R. 

  • Item: C3240

    A Memorial Group to the Canadian Garrison Artillery at Bully-Grenay, France 

  • Item: C3237

    A Medal Trio to the 19th Canadian Infantry; Wounded on the Somme 

  • Item: C3266

    A First War Medal Trio to the 2nd Canadian Infantry 

  • Item: C3267

    A First War Medal Trio to former NWMP; 2nd Canadian Infantry 

  • Item: W3284

    A Cuban Volunteers Medal 1895-1898 

  • Item: W3329

    A Second War United States Navy Pilot Wing by Amico 

  • Item: W3323

    An Early United States Air Corps Observer Wing 

  • Item: W1577

    WWII Army Air Force Group - Air Medal Recipient 

  • Item: C3274

    A First War Pair to the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery 

  • Item: W3533

    A Rare American Document Group to a Victim of the Palawan Massacre 

  • Item: C3241

    A South Africa & First War Group to the 1st Canadian Infantry 

  • Item: W4033

    A Second War United States Army Air Force Aviator Badge 

  • Item: W3856

    A Second War American Purple Heart Ring 

  • Item: C3273

    A Second War Canadian MID Group to Flight Lieutenant RCAF 

  • Item: C3271

    A Canadian Second War & Korean Service Medal Group 

  • Item: C3290

    A Second War Memorial Group to the Royal Canadian Air Force 

  • Item: W3919

    A 35 Year New York Militia Long & Faithful Service Badge by Tiffany & Co.  

  • Item: W3930

    A Second War American “Oran Africa” Ring 

  • Item: W4092

    An Early Republic of Cuba Geographic Society Neck Badge; Silver Grade 

  • Item: W4094

    A Scarce "Issues Regarding the Revolution" Book Signed by Ernesto "Che" Guevara  

  • Item: W4158

    A Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces Certificate Signed by Fidel Castro 

  • Item: W4122

    A Cuban Order of Police Merit, Knight's Cross 

  • Item: W4168

    A Second War Period American Navy Pilot Training V-5 Program Wing 

  • Item: W4204

    A Rare Yangtze Barrier Medal 1937-1938; U.S.S. Luzon Version 

  • Item: W4352

    An American Bronze Star with Case  

  • Item: C3236

    An RCAF Long Service & Good Conduct Medal 

  • Item: W3168

    A New York State Small Arms Practice Medal by Tiffany & Co 

  • Item: W4779

    A 1942 Second War Garrison Side Cap 

  • Item: W4777

    A Second War Panzer Light Medium Tank Pz. Kw. 3 Type "C" Identification Model 

  • Item: W4778

    A Second War Panzer Heavy Tank "Neubaufahrzeug" Pz. Kw. 6 Identification Model  

  • Item: C4840

    A Second War Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Group to Flight Lieutenant A.E. Falls 

  • Item: C4841

    A Rare Second War Canadian Memorial Cross to a Kiska Island Raider 

  • Item: W4790

    An American Navy Medal of Honor (AKA Tiffany Cross), Type VII (1927-1942) 

  • Item: C4838

    Eleven Sterling Silver Canadian Regimental Rings 

  • Item: W4812

    A 1850 President Millard Fillmore Native Peace Medal; Silver First Edition 

  • Item: W4818

    A Lot of Six Second War American Army Patches 

  • Item: W4781

    A Mexican Imperial Order of Guadalupe; 1st Class Knight Commander Cross Case 

  • Item: W4797

    An Extensive Congressional Medal of Honor & Flying Cross Ribbon Bar 

  • Item: W4806

    A Mexican Revolutionary Cross of Merit, Type II for Fighters Against Victoriano Huerta 1913-1914 

  • Item: C4842

    A First War Memorial Group to the 49th Battalion; Canal du Nord KIA 

  • Item: W4793

    An American Civil War Army Congressional Medal of Honor, Type 1 (1862-1896) 

  • Item: C4839

    A Second War Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Officer's Cap Badge 

  • Item: W4813

    A Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle; Grand Cross Set - Type I 

  • Item: C4843

    A Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers' Decoration to Major MacKay 

  • Item: W4789

    A Cuban Armed Forces Merit Medal; 1st Class 

  • Item: C4837

    A Victoria Era 3rd Battalion, Victoria Rifles of Canada Helmet Plate, c. 1879-1904 

  • Item: W4808

    A Cuban National Reconciliation Medal 1933 

  • Item: W4816

    An Early United States Army Air Force Airship Pilot Badge 

  • Item: W4796

    An Extensive Congressional Medal of Honor & Navy Cross Ribbon Bar 

  • Item: C4844

    A Medal Pair & Love Letters to India Campaign Veteran; Found in Wall 

  • Item: W4823

    A Second War American Legion of Merit, Legionnaire Grade, Named to John F. McCarthy, Cased 

  • Item: W4828

    A Second War American Army Distinguished Service Medal with Case  

  • Item: W4821

    A Second War American Silver Star; Numbered & Cased 

  • Item: W4826

    A Second War American Soldier's Medal with Case  

  • Item: W4824

    A Second War Cased American Silver Star Named to Thomas F. Matto  

  • Item: W4829

    An American Air Medal with 5 Oakleaves & Numbered 

  • Item: W4827

    A Second War American Bronze Star with Case 

  • Item: W4820

    A Second War American Legion of Merit; Legionnaire Grade to William R. Roberts 

  • Item: W4825

    A Second War American Legion of Merit; Officer Grade with Case  

Total items found 65

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