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Total items found 26

  • Item: W4357

    A 1919 Issued American Navy Observer Wing 

  • Item: W4358

    A Second War American Marine Corps Combat Air Crew Badge 

  • Item: W4360

    An American Naval and Coast Guard Aircrew Badge  

  • Item: W4361

    A 1930's American Navy/Marine Corps Aviation Pilot Badge  

  • Item: W4347

    An American Navy Spanish Campaign Medal 1898  

  • Item: W4349

    A West Indies Naval Campaign Medal Ordinary Seaman Frank T. Clarke; U.S.S. Wilmington 

  • Item: W4350

    An American Navy Haitian Campaign Medal 1919-1920 

  • Item: W4351

    An American Navy Distinguished Service Medal 

  • Item: W4352

    An American Bronze Star with Case  

  • Item: W4353

    An American Air Medal; Named with Case 

  • Item: W4345

    An American Marine Corps Brevet Medal  

  • Item: W4348

    A Spanish American War West Indies Naval Campaign Special Meritorious Service Medal 

  • Item: W4371

    An American Service Pilot Qualification Badge 

  • Item: W4372

    A Rare USAAF Green Banana Wing 

  • Item: W4373

    A USAAF 1930 Issue Pilot Sterling Silver Wing 

  • Item: W4374

    A Very Rare Second War English Made USAAF Bomb Aimer Silver Wing 

  • Item: W4375

    A 1940’s United States Navy Reserve Pilot Sterling Silver Wing 

  • Item: W4376

    A First War American Air Service Pilot Wing; Dallas Type 

  • Item: W4379

    An American Army Air Force Service Pilot Badge 

  • Item: W4380

    An American Army Air Force Glider Pilot Badge  

  • Item: W4381

    An American China Field-Made Army Air Force Aircrew Badge 

  • Item: W4340

    A July 5th 1944 Issue of “The Stars and Stripes” 

  • Item: W4344

    An American Army Spanish Campaign Medal 1898 

  • Item: W4346

    An American Legion of Merit; Officer Grade  

  • Item: W4354

    An American Silver Star with Case  

  • Item: W4355

    An American Legion of Merit; Chief Commander 

Total items found 26

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