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  • Item: W3564

    A 1938 Greek-American Nation Legion Award Of War Veterans  

  • Item: W3568

    A China Theater Group to Boxing Champion Michael Smith USN  

  • Item: W3509

    A Tiffany-Made New York State Small Arms Practice Medal  

  • Item: W4968

    A Congressional Texas Cavalry Brigade Medal 1918 in Box  

  • Item: W4972

    United States. Six Second War American Service Medals  

  • Item: W4975

    United States. Five American Service Medals  

  • Item: W4974

    United States. Seven United States Coast Guard Medals  

  • Item: W4973

    United States. Six American Service Medals  

  • Item: W4983

    Six American Armed Forces Reserve Medals  

  • Item: W4981

    Four American Defense Departmental Awards  

  • Item: W4985

    Two United States Control and Disarmament Agency Awards  

  • Item: W4982

    Four American Coast Guard and Navy Shooting Proficiency Medals  

  • Item: W4980

    Three American Defense Agency Civilian Awards  

  • Item: W4986

    Three First War American Commemorative Medals  

  • Item: W4990

    Two United States Army Public (Civilian) Service Awards  

  • Item: EG1383

    United States. An American Insignia of the Colonial Order of the Acorn Badge  

  • Item: EG1396

    United States. An American General Society of the War of 1812 Membership Badge in Gold  

  • Item: EG1377

    United States. An American Navy League Membership Badge  

Total items found 18

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