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Total items found 10

  • Item: W3533

    A Rare American Document Group to a Victim of the Palawan Massacre 

  • Item: W3856

    A Second War American Purple Heart Ring 

  • Item: W3919

    A 35 Year New York Militia Long & Faithful Service Badge by Tiffany & Co.  

  • Item: W3930

    A Second War American “Oran Africa” Ring 

  • Item: W4779

    A 1942 Second War Garrison Side Cap 

  • Item: W4777

    A Second War Panzer Light Medium Tank Pz. Kw. 3 Type "C" Identification Model 

  • Item: W4778

    A Second War Panzer Heavy Tank "Neubaufahrzeug" Pz. Kw. 6 Identification Model  

  • Item: W4797

    An Extensive Congressional Medal of Honor & Flying Cross Ribbon Bar 

  • Item: W4812

    A 1850 President Millard Fillmore Native Peace Medal; Silver First Edition 

  • Item: W4796

    An Extensive Congressional Medal of Honor & Navy Cross Ribbon Bar 

Total items found 10

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