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eMedals-United States. A Naval Campaign Medal Group to Chief Water Tender, Larry Stanley Meyer, USS Raleigh

Item: M0215-36

United States. A Naval Campaign Medal Group to Chief Water Tender, Larry Stanley Meyer, USS Raleigh

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United States. A Naval Campaign Medal Group to Chief Water Tender, Larry Stanley Meyer, USS Raleigh

Mexican Campaign Medal (bronze, 32.5x36mm including integral ring, 12452 impressed, on original ribbon, worn, slight contact marks and edge bruising, very fine condition); WWI Victory Medal with ESCORT clasp (bronze, 31x 40mm including integral ring, original ribbon, torn along top connection to pinback with clasp, contact wear, very fine condition); Dominican Campaign Medal (bronze,32.5x37mm including integral ring, 1009 impressed on edge, on original ribbon with pinback, dark patina, extremely fine condition); Second Nicaragua Campaign (bronze, 32.5x37mm including integral ring, M.No 6355 impressed on edge, on original ribbon with pinback, tarnishing on obverse, very fine condition); Navy Good Conduct Medal with engraved U.S.S RALEIGH pin on ribbon (bronze, 33x33mm. reverse engraved “CSC / 55319 / LARRY S. / MEYER. / U-S-NAV-AIRSTA / SAN DIEGO CAL / 30-JULY,1923” on original ribbon with bronze pin engraved U.S.S RALEIGH and original pinback, dark patina, extremely fine condition). Accompanied by National Archives photocopies pertaining to each period of enlistment including conduct records, enlistment records and station locations.


Footnote: Larry Stanley Meyer, born June 16, 1890 in Chicago Illinois, was employed as a labourer/mariner prior to enlisting on April 10, 1911 at the age of 20. He first served on the USS Franklin before being transferred to the USS Prairie on December 31, 1911. By 1913, he was rated a 1st Class Fireman. His records state that he “participated in the seizure of Veracruz, Mexico April 21-22 1914. Ship under rifle fire. Struck repeatedly. Range 500-900 yards.” The occupation of Veracruz was related to the ongoing Mexican Revolution and the Tampico Affair of April 9, 1914. The US sought to seize the Port’s customs office to sequester the weaponry. The USS Prairie hosted the first group of marines to take part in the occupation firing the 3-inch naval guns at the Naval Academy and other tactical targets. He extended his original enlistment in 1916, and was eventually discharged from the USS Prairie in April of 1919. He then re-enlisted on July 31, 1919 as the Chief Water Tender. From June 11, 1920 to late December 1920, Meyer was on board the USS Eagle #25. He was sent to the Naval Training Station, Great Lakes from December 30, 1920. He received his Mexican Campaign Medals on June 8, 1921 and his Victory Medal and Escort clasp on December 5, 1921. In 1923, Meyer was stationed on the USS Airsta as chief water tender. He received his Good Conduct medal July 30, 1923, before being discharged once again. However, he re-enlisted on October 29, 1924, naming his wife Marie Meyer as his next of kin. He was first assigned the USS Raleigh, where he participated in the Dominican Campaign November 24, 1924. By November 20, 1925 he was registered as a qualified swimmer first class while aboard the Raleigh. In mid-January 1926, he was transferred to U.S Naval Hospital Chelsea, Massachusetts for two weeks for treatment as he was “absent from duty for sickness due to his own misconduct.” CWT Meyer was transferred to the Fleet Naval Reserve in November 1927 after 16 years of service.

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