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  • Item: GB4999

    A 1916 Military Medal to the 160th Brigade Royal Field Artillery 

  • Item: GB5012

    A First War Military Medal to the 130th Heavy Battery 

  • Item: C4860

    An Inaugural Year Life of Alberta Award in 1967 to Captain Jack Boddington; Founder of the Military Collectors Club of Canada 

  • Item: C4868

    A Victorian Canadian Militia Pouch Badge 

  • Item: C4866

    A 5th Regiment Royal Scots of Canada Glengarry Badge, c. 1904 

  • Item: C4867

    A 7th Battalion (Fusiliers) Canadian Militia Insignia Set, c.1885-1906 

  • Item: C4865

    A 5th Regiment Royal Scots of Canada Collar Tab Pair 

  • Item: C4864

    A First War Canadian Farm Service Corps Badge 1917 

  • Item: C4869

    A First War Corps of Military Staff Clerks Insignia Set 

  • Item: C4876

    A First War Canadian Farm Service Corps Badge 1918 

  • Item: C4883

    An 1805 Appointment Document to Ordnance Storekeeper at Quebec City, Lower Canada  

  • Item: C4884

    A Wartime V-1 "Flying Bombs" Public Information Leaflet  

  • Item: C4885

    A Macdonald Father & Son Group; 2nd Battalion, Queen's Own Rifles & 15th Infantry Battalion 

  • Item: C4886

    A Group to Lieutenant-Commander Raymond Lawrence Gleadow, Royal Canadian Navy 

  • Item: C4875

    A First War Canada Food Board "Soldiers of the Soil" Badge 

  • Item: C4880

    A Victorian Canadian Militia Helmet Plate, c. 1855 

  • Item: C4873

    A First War Canadian JB&S Company Worker's War Service Badge 

  • Item: C4878

    A Victorian 7th Battalion (Fusiliers) Pre-1885 Canadian Militia Cap Badge 

  • Item: C4871

    A First War 107th Infantry Battalion Cap Badge 

  • Item: C4881

    A Military College of Canada Helmet Plate, c. 1901-1940 

  • Item: C4874

    A First War Canadian PMP Company Munitions Worker's War Service Badge 

  • Item: C4879

    A Canadian Women's Army Corps Seven Piece Insignia Group 

  • Item: C4872

    A First War Canadian Engineers Insignia Set 

  • Item: C4877

    A First War Canadian Imperial Munitions Board Woman Worker Badge 

  • Item: C4882

    A Victorian Royal Canadian Artillery Helmet Plate 

  • Item: C4870

    A Province of Alberta "Gaols" Jail Guard's Badge 

Total items found 26

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