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  • Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs
  • Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs
  • Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs
  • Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs
  • Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs

Item: C1879

Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs



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Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs

Royal Air Force Scrapbook of Aircraftman R. Spriggs - Hardcover album is stenciled with the name "R. SPRIGGS." on the front cover, with multiple pages of thick white paper, housing various letters, booklets, telegrams, forms, notices, cards, passes, newspaper clippings, berthing cards, ticket stubs, programs, invitations, photos, etc. pasted in the booklet, documenting his Royal Air Force service, with personal notes handwritten in black ink throughout. The following is a list of the subheadings with their adjoining items documented in brackets: To Keep the Spirits Up (RAF You are going to be a Pilot Booklet), Encouragement (RAF "A Message of Welcome from the Secretary of State for Air" Letter with Mailing Envelope, dated December 3, 1942), RAF Badge whilst on Deferred Service (Badge Receipt, numbered 1812203, dated November 30, 1946), Contained Calling Up Papers (envelope front), The Gen. (P. Babington letter), After Passing Examination Board, Before Attestation (letter), Passed A.1. For for Air Crew, Off to the RAF (Findings of Medical Board held at Euston House, dated November 30, 1942), The Air Training Corps, No. 12 Preliminary Aircrew Training Course - Edinburgh, Pass (Abbey House, St. John's Wood London), One of the Mob (RAFVR Notice Paper, date stamped November 3, 1942), No. 12 P.A.C.T. Edinburgh (Cadet Card, embossed), Grading School Wolverhampton (Form), Something for the Boys (to 'The Glamour Boys' invite letter and envelope, ladies welcoming the boys to Glasgow), Vital Actions of the Tiger Moth (notes for grading pupils sheet), Not Having Cleared (envelope), Aptitude Tests London After Grading School - Reclassified Bomb Aimer (letter), VE Day Service (RAF Station Heaton Park, Manchester Service and Dedication After Victory in Europe booklet), Leconfield Pass (date stamped 14 JUL 1945), Breighton whilst waiting for Training (RAF Breighton Menu, Xmas Dinner 1944), page entitled "Reclassified Pilot": Sailing on the Alcantara from Southampton to Halifax (Canada) (Berthing Card), Journey from Halifax to New York (RCAF Train Berthing Card), Sailing on the Queen Mary from New York to Southampton (Sleeping Quarters Card), Gifts from the Canadian People on the Train Journey Card (Canadian War Services Welcome Card), A Visit to Riviere Du Loup (postcard), page entitled "America": American Pass (Temporary Pass, stationed at Fort Hamilton, for visit to Coney Island), Ration Card (form), Introduction Card on back of which are instructions on how to get to a hospital in New York where blood donations were gratefully received, in exchange five dollars was gratefully received by the chap giving blood as being broke was a common occurrence (card), The U.S.O. Club New York (postcard), New York Subways (envelope), Guide Book (For Members of the Armed Forces in New York City (U.S. booklet), Radio City Music Hall New York (programme), Council Club (Air Force Club three-page letter for the purpose of arranging entertainment, hospitality, etc. for personnel of the United Nations' Air Forces spending leave in New York), page entitled "Sealand" (a newspaper clipping and teaser headline detailing the collision between two Tiger Moth aircraft, killing one pilot, Aircraftman William Arthur Heard, with Spriggsbeing the other pilot), Plane Being Repaired After Bill Heard and Myself Pranged ("Collided", small black and white photograph), British Legion Sealand (club pass), Xmas Dance Just Before Leaving Sealand (dance ticket, numbered 289, dated December 20, 1945), Corporals Club Sealand (No. 24 E.F.T.S. RAF Sealand Slip, dated November 12, 1945), Passing Out Card Church Lawford (No. 20 Flying Training School, RAF Station Church Lawford Graduation Ceremony Inviation Card, dated March 22, 1946), Church Lawford (slip), Ground Crew's Invitation to Cadets ("A" Flight Ground Crew Card, dated January 16, 1946), More Bull (No. 20 Flying Training School RAF Church Lawford Order for Flying Cadets Booklet (dated April 1945). At this point, the headings cease but the volume of collected paperwork does not. Some are pasted in place, while other are in envelopes or loose, including: two Privilege Price Cigarettes and Tobacco Coupon Cards, Note for Grading Pupils, No. 20 Flying Training School Pilot's Flying School Log Sheet, No. 2 Flying Instructors' School Training Notes for Harvard IIb Oxford Aircraft Booklet, Government Railway Passenger Warrant (date stamped 18 JUL 1946), RAF Internal Repayment Voucher (dated April 8, 1946), Unit Routine Orders Issued by Wing Commander H.R. Tredinnick Officer Commanding Innsworth Satellite RAF Station Gloucester Sheet, RAF Station Weeton Notes for New Arrivals Booklet, five Ticket Stubs to Various Events to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Ministry of Transport H.M. Forces in Uniform Left Luggage Voucher, Vernons Pools Ltd. Liverpool Season Pass (entitling him to a supply of Football Coupons, dated December 6, 1946), RAF Xmas Card (unused, No. 231 Maintenance Unit, Nr. East Dereham, Norfolk), RAF Omnibus Warrant (numbered 141351, date stamped 1 MAY 1946), Norfolk and Norwich Hospital Annual Dance Invitation (dated January 30, 1947), Theatre Royal, Norwich Evening Performance Ticket Stub (dated February 8, 1947), H.M. Forces Release and Resettlement Booklet, RAF Airman's Service and Pay Book (with dated entries from August 28, 1943 to July 13, 1945, fragmented), RAF Service and Release Book (numbered "242533", dated stamped "28 APR 1947", stamped four times on the Receipts for Encashment of Postal Drafts page on the inside back cover), RAF Identification Card for Mechanical Transport Drivers (dated October 1 1946 to September 30, 1947), two RAF Passes (date stamped "8 JAN 1946" and "30 MAY 1946" respectively), RAF Initial Training Wing Examination "Meteorology" Sheet, RAF Clothing and Equipment to be Returned to Store by Airmen on Release List, RAF Group Job Designation Sheet (Groups I, II, III, IV, V, M), Claim for Campaign and/or Defence Medal Sheet (with War Medal added to the list in handwritting), numerous Post Office Telegrams, RAD Extended Service for Ground Airmen...This is the "GEN"" Pamphlet, RAF "For Your Guidance" What to do on Leaving the Service and How to do It Booklet, A Short Guide to Great Britain by the War and Navy Departments, Washington, D.C. (published 1944), American National Jewish Welfare Board Club Reply Card (dated August 20, 1945), Thomas Cook & Son Travel Itinerary Folder, Ministry of Labour and National Service Reinstatement in Civil Employment Act, 144 Leaflet, Reinstatement in Civil Employment Act, 1944 Application to be Taken into Employment (blank form), The Spot, London Colney Sunday Club Membership Card (number 869, expiry date of December 31, 1952), Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital Coronation Dance Ticket (dated April 10, 1953) and Achimota School Royal Visit Seating Pass (dated November 18, 1961). Also included are two Borough of Finchley, Finchley Schools' Sports Association Swimming Certificates (dated 1936 and 1937) and an RAF Cadets Group of Twenty-Six Photograph (black and white, studio emboss stamped "Morrison, Edinburgh", two officers' signatures on the reverse, wishing "Good Luck" and "Best Wishes", 113 mm x 155 mm, board mounted, stained).   Footnote: 1812203 Aircraftman 2nd Class Roy Spriggs was born on April 25, 1925, He was a Machine Operator in his civilian life before joining the Royal Air Force late in the war and kept this wonderful collection of paperwork, documenting his experiences and travels, which took him throughout Great Britain, as well as to Canada and and the United States, including the post-war period. Although it is undated, the newspaper article appears to be from late 1945, detailing the collision between two Tiger Moth aircraft, killing one pilot, Aircraftman William Arthur Heard, age 24, of Claygate, Wittlesey, Peterborough, with 2nd Aircraftman Roy Spriggs being the other pilot, age 19. Heard lost control of his aircraft after the collision, the aircraft tearing away telephone lines and crashing between two bungalows, taking away part of the roof of one and damaging the other, in Sealand, Chester. The bungalows belonged to Mr. Harold Humphreys and his father, Mr. Hugh Humpheys. Harold Humphrey's eight year old daughter was standing outside and had entered the bungalow only a second before the plane impacted the building. Once it struck the ground, it burst into flames. The fire was prevented from spreading due to the efforts of the Queensferry National Fire Service, which arrived within a few minutes after the crash, and soon joined by the Sealand and Chester National Fire Services. The pilot of the other Tiger Moth, Spriggs, was able to regain control of his aircraft and returned to Sealand Aerodrome. He had his photograph taken in front of his aircraft as it was in a hanger being repaired, which is included in this album. It was determined that an inquest would not be held into the accident. Spriggs later settled in Canada, moving to Oakville, Ontario.
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