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Campaign Medals, Pairs, & Groups

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  • Item: C3740

    Canada. A First War Memorial Cross to the PPCLI; Wounded at Passchendaele  

  • Item: C3729

    Canada. A First War Pair to the 78th Infantry; Wounded May 1918  

  • Item: C3743

    Canada. A First War Memorial Cross to the 20th Battalion CEF  

  • Item: C3739

    Canada. An RCAF Memorial Cross; Night Flight Training Accident  

  • Item: C3761

    Canada. A First War Group to the Royal Canadian Dragoons  

  • Item: C3883

    A First War Canadian When Shall Their Glory Fade Medal  

  • Item: C4057

    A Military Medal to the 11th Canadian Railway Troops 1918  

  • Item: C4067

    A Memorial Plaque & Cross to Lieutenant Edward F. Thairs; Battle of Amiens  

  • Item: C4123

    A First War Medal Trio to the Canadian Army Medical Corps  

  • Item: C3988

    A Second War Memorial Cross Group to Leading Aircraftman James E. Stanley RCAF  

  • Item: C3989

    A Memorial Cross to Captain Gunn of the 25th Canadian Infantry  

  • Item: C4166

    A Second War Canadian Memorial Cross to L.Gauthier of Montreal  

  • Item: C4186

    A Memorial Cross to Private Rose; Artillery Casualty Outside Caen 1944  

  • Item: C4306

    A First War & Toronto Fire Department Grouping to Samuel Cole  

  • Item: C3763

    A Canadian Military Cross Miniature Group for an Attack on the Marcoing Line  

  • Item: C4359

    A First War Memorial Cross to the 24th Canadian Infantry; Sugar Refinery 1916  

  • Item: GB5316

    Great Britain. A First War Volunteer Force Group to the Gordon Highlanders  

  • Item: C4107

    A Fine Canada General Service & Colonial Auxilliary Forces Officers' Decoration Pairing  

  • Item: C4204

    An 1870 Canada General Service Medal to the 54th Battalion  

  • Item: C4000

    A First War Group to Lieutenant William R. Taylor; Queen's Own Rifles of Canada  

  • Item: C4990

    Canada. A British War Medal to Quartermaster Sergeant Flood, "Toronto Beavers"  

  • Item: C4109

    A Canada General Service & North West Medal Pairing to Sergeant William H. Denman  

  • Item: C3986

    Canada. A Military Medal Group to the No. 9 Canadian Siege Battery RCGA  

  • Item: C4311

    A Korean War & Royal Canadian Mounted Police Long Service Grouping  

  • Item: C4994

    Canada. Canadian Memorial Cross, to Sergeant H.A. Connors  

  • Item: C4991

    Canada. A Family Group; Seaforth Highlanders & Cameron Highlanders  

  • Item: C4995

    Canada. A Memorial Group to the Lincoln and Welland Regiment; Netherlands KIA  

  • Item: C4993

    Canada. A GRVI Memorial Cross to a First War Veteran, Gunner William Archer Halesy Evans  

  • Item: C4996

    Canada. A Korean War Campaign Medal Pair to P.G. Palmer  

  • Item: C4997

    Canada. A Korea War Medal, to R.G. White  

Total items found 30

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