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Purveyors of Authentic Militaria

First World War 1914-18

Total items found 10

  • Item: C3755

    Canada. A First War Memorial Cross to the Pay Office in London  

  • Item: C3754

    Canada. A Memorial Cross to the Permanent Base Company; Canadian Engineers  

  • Item: C3765

    Canada. A First Memorial Cross; Concentration Camp at Kinmel Park  

  • Item: C3772

    Canada. A Memorial Cross to the 50th Calgary Regiment   

  • Item: C3761

    Canada. A First War Group to the Royal Canadian Dragoons  

  • Item: C5176

    Canada. A First War Pair to Gunner Ferguson, Canadian Field Artillery  

  • Item: C5182

    Canada. A First War Trio to Lance Corporal Jepps, Wounded at Fresnoy and Arras  

  • Item: C5183

    Canada. A Pair to Acting Corporal Cumming, 2nd CMR, Gassed during the Battle of the Canal du Nord  

  • Item: C5201

    Canada. A First War Pair, to Lieutenant Peter Scott, Railway Construction Corps  

  • Item: C5207

    Canada. A First World War Group to Sgt Wicks, Gunshot Wound at Vimy, 1917  

Total items found 10

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