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eMedals-Naval Carpentry Proficiency Badge with Belt & Buckle

Item: W1842

Naval Carpentry Proficiency Badge with Belt & Buckle

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Naval Carpentry Proficiency Badge with Belt & Buckle

WWII Naval Carpentry Proficiency 1st Class Badge and Belt with Buckle - Carpentry Proficiency Badge 1st Class (two-piece construction, silver gilt with reddish-brown enamels, unmarked, illustrating a chrysanthemum fronting an anchor backed by a crossed axe and hammer, 36.7 mm x 45.6 mm, vertical pinback, dark patina); and Navy Belt with Buckle (silvered bronze belt buckle has a two-piece construction, unmarked, the circular left side is horizontally slotted in the centre and illustrates a life preserver, while the right side has a central interlocking tab illustrating an anchor, wide belt loops on either end, the buckle measuring 50 mm x 50 mm when the two sides are interlocked, light gilt wear; khaki webbed belt fed through the loops on either end, adjustable buckle on the left side, a small pouch with snap closure on the right side, belt measuring 41 mm x 975 mm not including the buckle, lightly soiled). A terrific WWII collectible, in very fine condition.    
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