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eMedals-Knight’s Cross Group to an Officer,

Item: G3368

Knight’s Cross Group to an Officer,

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Knight’s Cross Group to an Officer,

Leutnant, in Grenadier Regiment 532, comprising: Knight?s Cross of the Iron Cross 1939, magnetic center, by maker Steinhauer & Luck, on short original neck ribbon as worn, textbook example, good very fine condition: Close Combat Clasp, silver grade, in silvered zinc, maker marked; Close Combat Clasp, bronze grade, in bronzed zinc, maker marked; Iron Cross First Class 1939, screw back version, non magnetic center, marked L/58, vaulted; Iron Cross Second Class 1939, magnetic center; Krim shield, magnetic, complete with backing plate and cloth; Infantry Badge-Silver Grade, maker marked; Wound Badge-Black Grade; Romania, Anti-Communism Medal, bronze; Iron Cross First Class showing wear, about fine condition, rest of the awards in good very fine to extremely fine condition; all awards contained in modern-made case; together with Leutnant?s post-War photo, signed by him; original Honor List, with his name/entry; (original) listing of his combat days; additional (modern) research showing places and dates of his engagements, few pages. (Sold with Guarantee of Authenticity, by D. Niemann).
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