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eMedals-Kamikaze ”hachimaki”

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Kamikaze ”hachimaki”

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Kamikaze ”hachimaki”

11" x 33" headband - headband is hand painted with black Kanji and a red sun on a fine cotton linen. The two large Kanji at the top reads "Kamikaze" (God's Storm or Divine Wind). Underneath, it reads "Written by the head of the Aviation Ordinance Bureau " - Endo Saburo. Endo Saburo was Major General and Commander of the 3rd Air Brigade when war broke out in the Pacific. The white linen is age stained with some black paint markings, presumably left from when the Kanji text was painted on, this is a rare piece and comes complete with black under cloth, measuring 4.75" x 35", with some staining from wear and age. There is a stitched label, with Japanese characters written on. This is a fascinating piece of WWII History and is in very fine condition.
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