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eMedals-Hawai'i, Kingdom. Order of Kamehameha I, I Class Grand Cross Sash, c.1900

Item: EG2407

Hawai'i, Kingdom. Order of Kamehameha I, I Class Grand Cross Sash, c.1900



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Hawai'i, Kingdom. Order of Kamehameha I, I Class Grand Cross Sash, c.1900

(Kapuaiwa Kalanikapuapaikalaninui Ali`iolani Kalanimakua). Instituted in 1865. A fine period sash fabricated from silk, incorporating a decorative moiré pattern, with a wide red field, the edges trimmed in a thin white stripe, a large bow-tie rosette, along with a clip to secure the badge at the bottom end, measuring 102 mm wide x 770 mm in length, vibrant colours, intact stitching, extremely fine.

Footnote: The Order of Kamehameha I was the first Knightly Order of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. It was founded on April 11, 1865 by King Kamehameha V, in memory of his grandfather King Kamehameha I and in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi. This Order was granted to both Native Hawaiians and foreigners for distinguished service to the king and the people of Hawaiʻi. Upon its inception, it became the first Knightly Order of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi actually awarded, although the Royal Order of the Cross and Crown was established by King Kamehameha III in 1848 but not awarded until much later. Granting the insignia and awards of the Order was determined by the number of living members of the Order. It had four grades and at any given time there could only be: Knight Grand Cross with Collar (CGCOK, which was limited to heads of state), Knight Grand Cross (KGCOK, with 10 individuals, Knights Commander (KCOK, with 30 individuals) and Knights Companion (KOK). In the duration of the Order, it was awarded 57 times by King Kamehameha V, and 82 times by King Kalākaua. Number of awards in the history of the Order: Knights Grand Cross (40 recipients), Knight Commander (56 recipients) and Knight Companion (43 recipients). In the past Recipients of the Order who were resident in the Hawaiian Islands received a yearly salary depending upon their grade: $250 for the Knights Grand Cross, $150 for the Knight Commander, $75 for the Knight. Today, the former Royal House of Keoua awards the order as family order.


This offering is a part of the "Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection", a preeminent assemblage of world Orders, Medals, and Decorations composed solely by Dr.Goodwin between 1946-1967. Dr. Goodwin had a successful career as an educator and prominent physician in New York as well as actively serving in both World Wars with the United States Medical Corps. He acted as both President and Vice-President of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) and is responsible for organizing their first convention in 1960. He maintained further membership with the American Society of Military Collectors, the International Orders Research Society, and the American Numismatic Society. His knowledge and passion for history and awards is evident in this meticulously compiled collection that is now available in its entirety for the first time exclusively on

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