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eMedals-Group to Lt. P. CHARLTON, R.N. - Norway 1940

Item: GB1020

Group to Lt. P. CHARLTON, R.N. - Norway 1940

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Group to Lt. P. CHARLTON, R.N. - Norway 1940

British War Medal (J. 77964 P. CHARLTON. BOY. 1 R.N.); 1939-1945 Star; Atlantic Star; Burma Star; Italy Star; and War Medal 1939-1945 with Oakleaves. Naming is officially impressed on the BWM. Board mounted, ribboned, very crisp detail, high relief, minor bruising on BWM, extremely fine. Also included is a duotang folder with his military biography and three ship photographs. Footnote: He joined the Royal Navy c. 1918 as a Boy Seaman 1st Class, later achieving the ranks of Acting Gunner and Gunner on January 1, 1935. Afterwards, he was placed with the Cruiser H.M.A.S. Canberra of the Royal Australian Navy in October 1935. In May 1938, he found himself stationed at H.M.S. Pembroke, the Shore Base Gunnery School. By October 1939, he had been drafted to the Cruiser H.M.S. Curacoa and saw a great deal of action. This ship earned battle honours in Norway (1940), in the Atlantic (1940) and the North Sea (1940-1942). It was during this period that he was awarded a Mention in Despatches, on January 1, 1942. In 1943, he was stationed at H.M.S. Heron, a Fleet Air Arm Base also known as R.N.A.S. Yeovilton. He was later involved in the invasion of Italy and also served in the Burmese war theatre. Post-war, he was placed with H.M.S. Sussex in October 1946, later achieving the rank of Lieutenant on December 20, 1949. He was at the Shore Base H.M.S. Pembroke in May 1950 and then retired later that year. (BGR260)
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