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eMedals-Group to Georg von Broich-Oppert - Mayor of Berlin

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Group to Georg von Broich-Oppert - Mayor of Berlin

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Group to Georg von Broich-Oppert - Mayor of Berlin

Group to Georg von Broich-Oppert - Mayor of Berlin - Miniature Group of Four: Germany: WWI Iron Cross 1914 (silver and black enamels, 14.7 mm), Hamburg: Hanseaten Cross (silver and enamels, 17 mm), Germany: Hindenburg Cross for Combatants (bronze, 14.8 mm) and Norway: King Haakon VII Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal, with 1905-1955 Clasp (silver, 15.6 mm x 22.4 mm), on suspension with buttonhole attachment; WWI Miniature Silver Wound Badge (silver, 13 mm x 16.2 mm); five German ribbon bars; two Federal Republic Merit Cross Ribbon Bars with Miniatures attached; two rosettes; two gold bullion Shoulder Boards (insignia attached, 49 mm x 103 mm); and three large black and white photographs taken while on his last diplomatic mission in Turkey. Extremely fine. Footnote: Georg von Broich-Oppert was born on October 24, 1897 in Charlotteburg and was a German diplomat and CDU (Christian Democratic Union) politician, as well as Mayor of Berlin. The son of the country magistrate Felix Oppert, he was named after his stepfather Francis of Broich, graduated law school, was in the Foreign Service as Consulate General in Memel, then assigned to the German embassy in Vienna. His career was put on hiatus in 1935 because of his non-Aryan ancestors. This he had concealed in a statement in August 1934. A criminal case was indeed served by the Legal Department of the Foreign Office under the direction of Paul Barandon and brought against him, but was stayed. By 1937, he was forced into retirement. By 1939, he was working as a department almanager at the IG Farben chemical company in Berlin and Bucharest. He joined the Christian Democratic Union Party in 1945, serving as a member of the Berlin City Council from 1946 to 1951. Broich-Oppert was deputy mayor of the district of Berlin-Schoneberg, becoming Head of the City Office of Greater Berlin (Mayor) in 1949, in addition to becoming Chief of the Berlin Senate Chancellery. He was also Chairman of the Christian Democratic Union in Schoneberg. After the founding of the Federal Republic, Broich-Oppert returned in 1951 to his diplomatic career background. He was appointed ambassador to Norway at Oslo, later obtaining permanent observer status at the United Nations in New York, as well as being Head of Personnel at Headquarters in Berlin and finishing his diplomatic career as Ambassador to Turkey in Ankara. After retirement from diplomatic life, he was a special representative of the Foreign Ministry for the implementation of the compensation agreements with the Netherlands and Belgium. He was also a member of the Corps Borussia Bonn, the oldest umbrella organization of German fraternities, from 1921 on and received the Honorary Citizen of Dallas award. He died on October 5, 1979 in Konigswinter, at the age of 81.
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