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eMedals-Greece, Kingdom. An Order of the Redeemer in Gold, Officer’s Cross, c.1875

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Greece, Kingdom. An Order of the Redeemer in Gold, Officer’s Cross, c.1875



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Greece, Kingdom. An Order of the Redeemer in Gold, Officer’s Cross, c.1875

(Τάγμα του Σωτήρος). Instituted in 1829. Type II. (1863-1924; 1935-1984 Issue). A Gold Maltese cross with white-enamelled arms, with green-enamelled laurels and oak leaves in each quadrant, the obverse centre presenting the head of Jesus Christ, blue enamel surround Η ΔΕΞΙΑ ΣΟΥ ΧΕΙΡ, ΚΥΡΙΕ, ΔΕΔΟΞΑΣΤΑΙ ΕΝ ΙΣΧΥΙ (Thy right hand, O Lord, is become glorious in power, Exodus, 15:6), reverse centre presenting a white cross on a blue background (the coat of arms of Greece), with surround inscribed Η ΕΝ ΑΡΓΕΙ Δ´ ΕΘΝΙΚΗ ΤΩΝ ΕΛΛΗΝΩΝ ΣΥΝΕΛΕΥΣΙΣ (The IV National Assembly of the Hellenes at Argos), measuring 29.63 mm (w) x 43.85 mm (h - inclusive of its crown suspension), on loop for suspension from period original neck ribbon, and in extremely fine condition.


Footnote: The Order of the Redeemer (AKA Order of the Saviour) is an order of merit of Greece. The Order of the Redeemer is the oldest and highest decoration awarded by the modern Greek state. The establishment of the Order of the Redeemer was decided by the Fourth National Assembly at Argos in 1829, during the final year of the Greek War of Independence. The decision was not immediately implemented, however, and the relevant decree was signed in Nafplio by the Regency Council (Josef Ludwig von Armansperg, Karl von Abel and Georg Ludwig von Maurer) in the name of King Otto on May 20, 1833. According to the decree of establishment, the name of the Order “shall recall the, by divine assistance miraculously and fortuitously accomplished, salvation of Greece.” According to the original decree, the Order was to be awarded to those Greek citizens who partook in the War of Independence, or "who should distinguish themselves henceforth in any branch of public service, in the army and navy, in the diplomatic and judicial corps, in public administration, in the arts, science, agriculture and industry, commerce, or should distinguish themselves in any other social field through outstanding civic virtue, and through illustrious services to the Throne, for the Glory of the Hellenic name and for the welfare of the fatherland", while foreigners were admitted either for past services to Greece, or due to their ability “to bring honour to the Order, through their outstanding personal virtues and excellence." Since its establishment in 1833, and in common with all Greek orders of merit, the Order of the Redeemer has five classes: Grand Cross, Grand Commander, Commander, Gold (Officer's) Cross and Silver (Knight's) Cross.

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