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eMedals-Gold Medal for Pharmaceutical Science

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Gold Medal for Pharmaceutical Science

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Gold Medal for Pharmaceutical Science

Lehn and Fink Inc. Medal for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Science - 10K GOLD, weighing 18.2 grams, maker marked "D. & C." and marked "10K" on the edge, obverse illustrating a winged mortar and pestal backed by a set of scales, inscribed "LEHN AND FINK INC MEDAL" above, a medallion below incorporating a ribbon banner inscribed "FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCE" and flanked by wreathing, reverse officially engraved "AWARDED TO ELMA J. CERISE B.S. 1935 OF THE COLLEGE OF PHARMACY OF MONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY" with a laurel wreath branch on the right, 38 mm, light contact, near extremely fine. Footnote: Lehn & Fink was founded in New York City in 1874. In 1890 Lehn & Fink introduced Lysol, the first universally branded disinfectant, to the United States by importing it from Schulke & Mayr of Hamburg, Germany. Lehn & Fink began manufacturing Lysol under a licensing agreement in 1912, and in 1922 Lysol was purchased by the company. By 1907, Lehn & Fink had acquired A.S. Hinds Company, the manufacturer of Hinds' Honey and Almond Cream, a nationally known product. Hinds, which was founded in 1875, continued to operate independently. By the 1920s, Lehn & Fink owned all of the outstanding stock of Watsessing Garage Company, Products Realization Corporation, and Pebeco, Inc., the latter being the manufacturer of Pebeco Tooth Paste. In July 1925, a new holding company was created called Lehn & Fink Products for the purpose of acquiring Lehn & Fink, Inc., and A.S. Hinds Company. At the time, this merger was presented as being the first step in a broad plan to acquire similar products through acquisitions. By December 1925, the combined assets for Lehn & Fink Products amounted to $9.7 million, and it employed 625 people. The Lehn and Fink Inc. Medal for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Science was awarded at various universities to the graduating pharmacy student with the highest grade point average, with the winners name, date and educational instititution engraved on the reverse accordingly. The medal was first awarded in 1894, until about 1967, when the company was sold.
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