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eMedals-Germany (Hessen)-Officer's Infantry Pickelhaube

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Germany (Hessen)-Officer's Infantry Pickelhaube

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Germany (Hessen)-Officer's Infantry Pickelhaube

Model 1915, First Pattern. Measuring 195 mm x 225 mm x 230 in height, this Pickelhaube is produced from polished black leather, with light crazing on both the front visor and neck guard. The leather on the dome remains smooth to the touch and the exterior stitching is good. It has silvered brass fittings, which includes the spike (with two ventilation holes), spike mounting base (with four pins), rear spine (with two bolts), front visor trim and zinc chin strap (with sliding lock). With the cockade of Imperial Germany on the right (showing discoloration) and the cockade of Hessen on the left, both with original pins, they connect the zinc chin strap, which is supported by a second crazed hard leather chin strap. The helmet plate features a pewter sword-wielding Hessen lion enveloped by a leafed wreath. It has been repaired in the area around the right cockade, with glue residue visible in the recessed area and along the top of the visor, all the way to the other side. The accompanying visor trim has been dented and is loose fitting versus the leather visor. The soft leather liner remains supple, each of the nine flaps with their drawstring holes intact, as well as the stitching in the leather where the two ends meet at the rear. It exhibits normal edge wear, especially below the cockades and is minus the drawstring. The underside of the leather has a brushed feel. The nuts and bolts holding the spike in place are original but have been altered. Although it displays repairs, it remains in good very fine condition.
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