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eMedals-Prussia. The Fine Awards of Commander Theodor August Adolf Krause

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Prussia. The Fine Awards of Commander Theodor August Adolf Krause



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Prussia. The Fine Awards of Commander Theodor August Adolf Krause

A unique combination of fine awards attributable to Theodor August Adolf Krause, an Prussian Officer who served extensively in the Franco Prussian War. His bar is offered as originally worn and comprises an Iron Cross 2nd Class 1870, magnetic, with silvered frame, excellent crisp details, together with with Jubilee oakleaves "25", both of fine quality manufacture, dark toned extremely fine; Prussian Red Eagle Order, Third Class with Bow, in Gold and enamels, 4. model (1869-1918), excellent quality, circa 1880 period manufacture, extremely fine; Officers Long Service Decoration for 25 years, in fire gilded bronze; Commemorative Campaign War Medal 1870/71, in bronze with the clasps "STRASSBURG" and "PARIS"; Commemorative Campaign Cross Königgrätz; Centennial Medal (1897), reduced size; Bavaria: Military Merit Order, Knight's Cross 1. class, in Gold and enamels, by maker Ed. Quellhorst, one leg of the rampant lion on reverse missing, otherwise with fine old blue enamels, circa 1880 period manufacture, and in extremely fine condition. Some fraying to ribbons, medal bar in worn condition, catch on reverse holding pin in place missing, otherwise fine awards from around circa 1870-1880, with two Gold Orders, in generally better then very fine condition. Footnote: Theodor August Adolf Krause was born on May 25, 1836 in Breslau (present-day Wrocław, southwest Poland). He joined the Prussian army on October 7, 1853 and became a gunner in the 6th Artillery Regiment. Between October 1854 and July 1857, Krause learned at a combined Artillery and Engineer School. During this time, he was first promoted to Officer Cadet with Portepee on January 5, 1855, and then to extrabudgetary Second Lieutenant on October 11 of the same year. This last promotion was changed to Artillery Officer with commission, effective October 11, 1855, on November 5, 1857. Between May of 1859 and December of 1864, Krause served as Adjutant of the 3rd Detachment of his Regiment. He was promoted to First Lieutenant on Feb 10, 1864, and to Captain without commission on October 30, 1866. Between October 1867 and June 1868, Krause was appointed Leader of the Artillery Department in Breslau. During this time, he also received a commission for his rank of Captain on March 10, 1868, effective October 30, 1866. Between June and July of 1868, Krause briefly lead the Artillery Department of Schweidnitz. On February 1869, he was appointed Battery respectively Company Chief-in-Command. Kraus took command of the 9th Artillery Brigade on May 17, 1872, and later that year of Artillery Regiment on foot No. 5 on October 26, 1872. Between September 23, 1874 and January 23, 1875 Krause served at an Artillery and Gunnery School, where on June 22, 1875 he became a supernumerary Major and teacher. At the beginning of 1876, he began receiving a Staff Officer’s salary. Krause was appointed Commander of the 1st Battalion of his regiment on June 8, 1878. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on September 13, 1882. Krause was appointed Commander of Artillery Regiment on foot No. 11 on May 26, 1883, and was promoted to Colonel on July 6, 1886. His final position was that of Inspector in the 2nd Artillery Department Inspection, beginning on September 19, 1888. On August 13, 1889 Krause was promoted to brevetted Major General. He was discharged upon approval of his request of resignation with pension on October 15, 1889. Krause died in 1918.
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