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eMedals-France, Constitutional Monarchy.  A "Triumph of the Vengeur" Medal, c.1794

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France, Constitutional Monarchy. A "Triumph of the Vengeur" Medal, c.1794

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France, Constitutional Monarchy. A "Triumph of the Vengeur" Medal, c.1794

 In die-stamped copper, illustrating the naval ship Vengeur in the centre, burning and firing at the six British ships surrounding her, inscribed ""LE TRIOMPHE DU VENGEUR"" below, 84.3 mm (w) x 83.5 mm (h), spotting, near extremely fine.

Footnote: Le Vengeur du Peuple, called Le Vengeur, was a 74-gun ship of the line of the French Republican Navy, launched in 1762 and commanded by Captain J F Renaudin. In the battle of ""The Glorious First of June"" or the Battle of Ushant, Admiral Lord Howe captured six ships and victory was decisive. After the battle a story circulated that Le Vengeur, although reduced to a mere hulk, refused to surrender and even though sinking, discharged a last broadside, while the crew shouted ""Vive la République!"" In fact, when the ship sank, HMS Alfred and HMS Culloden launched boats which saved close to 400 officers and men, including Capt Renaudin and his son. The prisoners were released some months later. It is believed that this medal, with its legend, Le Triomphe du Vengeur was ordered by the National Convention, to record the exaggerated heroics of the sinking.

This offering is a part of the "Dr. Albert Goodwin Collection", a preeminent assemblage of world Orders, Medals, and Decorations composed solely by Dr.Goodwin between 1946-1967. Dr. Goodwin had a successful career as an educator and prominent physician in New York as well as actively serving in both World Wars with the United States Medical Corps. He acted as both President and Vice-President of the Orders and Medals Society of America (OMSA) and is responsible for organizing their first convention in 1960. He maintained further membership with the American Society of Military Collectors, the International Orders Research Society, and the American Numismatic Society. His knowledge and passion for history and awards is evident in this meticulously compiled collection that is now available in its entirety for the first time exclusively on

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