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eMedals-Four, LT. COMMR.J.HIGGINS. R.N.

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The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire OBE Badge, silver gilt; Egypt and Sudan Medal 1882-89 (J.HIGGINS, A.B. H.M.S. MINOTAUR) Naming is Royal Navy engraved in block capitals; British War Medal 1914-18. (LT. COMMR.J.HIGGINS. R.N.) Officially impressed; Khedives Stars 1882-91 (Un-named). All are court mounted, generally very fine condition. John Higgins was born on September 1, 1863. Ranks: Able Seaman, c. 1882; Boatswain, 27th March 1882; Chief Boatswain,1st May 1907; Lieutenant, 1st November 1918; Lieutenant Commander, 1st November 1920; Retired c. January 1920; Died, 21st January 1934. War Services: in 1882 he was aboard H.M.S Minotaur cruising of the coast of Egypt supporting the British troops who were there to put down the revolt of Ahmed Arabi Pasha and his Egyptian troops against the Khedive of Egypt. As his ship did not take part in the bombardment of Alexandria on 11th July 1882, he did not receive the bar for that engagement but did receive the medal and Khedives Star. During World War I, he was stationed at the dockyard at Sheerness as the Fleet Coaling Master. For this he received the decoration of the Member of the British Empire on 3rd June 1918. Ships: H.M.S. Minotaur: Battleship, Mediterranean Fleet, 1882. H.M.S. Bellerophon: Battleship, September 1st 1888. H.M.S. Canada: Iron Screw Frigate, May 27th 1890. H.M.S. Mersey, First Class Cruiser, March 8th 1892. H.M.S. Hawke: First Class protected Cruiser, March 8th 1896.H.M.S. Hydra: Turreted Monitor, September 7th 1898.H.M.S Wildfire: Twin Screw Sloop, Sheerness, January 26th 1902. Dockyard, Ascension Island, borne in H.M.S. Comorant, July 2nd 1904.H.M.S. Implacable, battleship, Atlantic Fleet, December 12th 1909. Dockyard: Sheerness, Bosun of the Yard, August 10th 1910. Dockyard: Sheerness, Fleet Coaling Officer, borne in H.M.S. Wildfire, November 1st 1912. This medal group is extremely well documented and is accompanied by a well organized file which includes a service history as well as 8 photographs of the ships on which Higgins served throughout his career.
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