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eMedals-First World War Canadian Tack

Item: C3467

First World War Canadian Tack

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First World War Canadian Tack

First World War Canadian Tack - Bit (composed of three pieces, fabricated from solid nickel, maker marked "BEAL BROS. Ltd" and dated "1914" on one cheek bar (shank) and marked "SOLID NICKEL" on the other cheek bar, mouthpiece bar with an inverted "u" in the middle forming the port, dual slotted cheek bars on both sides, nineteen link curb chain, one end of the chain affixed to a curb loop at the top of the cheek bar, the other end slipped through the open end of a hook that extends from the curb loop at the top of the other cheek bar, measuring 185 mm x 250 mm); and two Spurs (each with a metal yoke (heel band) in the traditional u-shaped arch, with a neck (shank) at the mid-point of the arch, enclosing a small free-moving revolving rowel (small revolving wheel), fixed spike on the inside of the arch, adjustable screws with pointed tips pointing inward at either end of the yoke, measuring 82 mm x 110 mm each). Surface rust evident on all pieces. Near very fine. (C:4)
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