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eMedals-Father & Son Group of ID’s-Documents

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Father & Son Group of ID’s-Documents

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Father & Son Group of ID’s-Documents

 Father & Son Group of ID’s-Documents - Father: Wehrpass, with photo, with some entries; he served within Landsturm (a reserve force) in 1943-44, in Dresden area; Wehrpass is in excellent condition, and comes with the cover; Son: Kennkarte, with his photo (Kennkarte was the basic identity document in use during the Third Reich era, first introduced in July 1938. They were normally obtained through a police precinct and had the corresponding issuing office and official’s stamps on them. Every German citizen was issued one and was expected to produce it when confronted by officials.); and his DAF Membership book (A standard 32 page membership book with hard red covers; front with DAF emblem of a mobile swastika within a fourteen-toothed cog; with details of the personal information, lists of rules, and stamps confirming his pay and entitlements, covering 1936-41; all documents in very fine condition.
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