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  • Item: EU9015

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of the Crown, Military Division Knight, c.1940  

  • Item: G26910

    A War Merit Cross First Class with Swords by Deschler & Sohn with Original Case of Issue  

  • Item: G22829

    Germany, Imperial. A I Class Iron Cross 1914; Silver Screwback  

  • Item: EU12000

    Croatia. An Order of King Zvonimir's Crown, III Class, Civil Division  

  • Item: EU10861

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. An Order of Civil Merit, Lady's Cross III Class, c.1914  

  • Item: EU12092

    Slovakia. An Order of the War Victory Cross, V Class  

  • Item: EU12115

    France, II Restoration. An Order of Saint Louis in Gold, Knight, c.1820  

  • Item: EU12138

    Finland. A Blue Cross for the Civil Guard, by Veljekset Sundqvist  

  • Item: EU12056

    Italy, Kingdom. An 11th Army Cross, by G.Mori  

  • Item: EU12064

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of Cultural Merit, II Class, c.1935  

  • Item: EU12095

    Italy, Fascist State. A Italian-German DAF/Workers Badge 1939  

  • Item: EU12251

    Latvia. A Cross of Recognition, IV Class, c.1939  

  • Item: EU12253

    Portugal, Republic. A War Cross  

  • Item: EU12274

    Spain, Fascist State. A Party Member's Medal; Named  

  • Item: EU12292

    Finland. A Civil Defence Merit Medal, Bronze Grade  

  • Item: EU12398

    Czechoslovakia. An Air Force Air Observer Badge, c.1942  

  • Item: EU12170

    Italy, Fascist State. A Rare Parachutist Decoration  

  • Item: EU12383

    Spain, Kingdom. An Order of Civil Merit, Breast Star Ladies' Version with Case  

  • Item: EU12578

    Denmark, Kingdom. An Army Long Service Medal  

  • Item: EU12577

    Denmark, Kingdom. A Police Long Service Medal for Twenty-Five Years' Service, Boxed  

  • Item: G27684

    Germany, NSDAP. A Oberbefehlshaber Collar Tab  

  • Item: EU12726

    Italy, Fascist State. A Youth University at Gorizia Medal, c.1927  

  • Item: EU12740

    Italy, Kingdom. A 4th Infantry Division of Monviso Sleeve Badge  

  • Item: G28521

    A Mint and Unissued Waffen-SS Tropical Sleeve Eagle  

  • Item: G28404

    Prussia, State. A Crown Order, IV Class with Case & Carton  

  • Item: EU14653

    Italy, Kingdom. A Medal of Remembrance of the Royal House, Silver Grade  

  • Item: EU13150

    France, Republic. A 1900 China Campaign Medal, Georges Lemaire  

  • Item: EU13301

    Spain, Franco Period. A Royal and Military Order of Saint Hermenegildo, Breast Star  

  • Item: EU14322

    Russia, Soviet Union. A Second War Bravery Group  

  • Item: EU13212

    Russia, Soviet Union. An Order of the Red Banner, Type III  

  • Item: EU13215

    Italy, Kingdom. A 21st Infantry Division "Grenadiers of Sardinia" Sleeve Shield  

  • Item: G28379

    A Large German Polizei/Gendarmerie Sport Shirt Eagle Insignia  

  • Item: EU13338

    Spain, Franco Period. A City of Madrid Municipal Traffic Police Star  

  • Item: EU12071

    Austria, Empire. An Order of Franz Joseph, Officers Cross with War Decoration, c.1916  

  • Item: EU13368

    Bulgaria, Kingdom. An Order of St. Alexander; IV Class Officer  

  • Item: EU13388

    Romania, Kingdom. An Administrative Academy Officer's Badge, 21st Infantry Division  

  • Item: EU13386

    Romania, Kingdom. A Military High School Graduation Badge  

  • Item: EU12377

    Spain, Kingdom. A Royal Military Order of St. Ferdinand, Officer's Star, c.1880  

  • Item: EU13984

    Turkey, Ottoman Empire. An Order of Medjidie (Mecidiye), III Class Commander  

  • Item: EU13318

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of the Crown, Grand Cross, by Heinrich Weiss, c.1940  

  • Item: EU13993

    Yugoslavia, Kingdom. An Order of the Crown, IV Class with Case, by Huguenin Freres  

  • Item: EU9472

    Croatia. A Wound Medal, c.1943  

  • Item: EU12201

    Serbia, Kingdom. A Cross of the Red Cross Society with Case of Issue, c.1915  

  • Item: EU12248

    Austria, Empire. A Golden Cross of Merit with Crown by, Braun of Vienna  

  • Item: G28386

    Germany, Waffen-SS. A Set of Major General Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: EU12249

    Austria, Empire. An Order of Leopold, Knight's Badge, c.1917  

  • Item: G28457

    Prussia, Kingdom. A Ladies Merit Cross  

  • Item: EU14306

    France, Republic. A Tunisian Order of Glory Miniature Group  

  • Item: EU12556

    Italy, Kingdom. A War Cross, Spanish Civil War  

  • Item: EU14367

    France, Republic. An Order of the Academic Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences, Breast Star, c.1960  

  • Item: EU12557

    Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the Sword, Commander's Cross  

  • Item: EU14365

    Spain, Franco Period. A Cross of Aeronautical Merit, I Class Cross with White Distinction  

  • Item: EU12804

    Portugal, Kingdom. An Military Order of Christ, Commander, c.1900  

  • Item: EU14469

    Belgium, Kingdom. An Order of Leopold, Knight, c.1900  

  • Item: EU11564

    Albania, Italian Occupation. An Order of Scanderbeg, Grand Cross, by Raviolo & Gardino, Roma  

  • Item: EG1501

    Hannover. An 1813 Volunteer Service Medal  

  • Item: EU14670

    Romania, Kingdom. A Medal for the Promotion of Aviation 1927-1933  

  • Item: EU13296

    Spain, Kingdom. A Children of the Nobility of Madrid, Breast Badge  

  • Item: EU13291

    Spain, Kingdom. A Children of the Nobility of Madrid Women's Breast Badge  

  • Item: EU13277

    Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the Sword, Commander, by C.F. Carlman, c.1920  

Total items found 790

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