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  • Item: G16976

    An Iron Cross First Class 1939 by Juncker  

  • Item: G18995

    A Mint RAD Long Service Award for Men  

  • Item: G19050

    A 1938 NSFK Award Medallion; Numbered  

  • Item: G19060

    A Freikorps Schlageter Badge; Second Type  

  • Item: G19079

    A Pair of Luftwaffe Shoulder Straps; Air Ministry/Construction Unit  

  • Item: G19089

    A Luftwaffe Collar Tab for Generalleutnant  

  • Item: G19091

    An Unusual Second War German Army Tropical Breast Eagle  

  • Item: G15527

    Luftwaffe Generalfeldmarschall von Richthofen Signed Photograph  

  • Item: G16436

    An 1870 Iron Cross Second Class with 25 Years Jubilee Spange  

  • Item: G16655

    An Iron Cross 1st Class 1939; Schinkel Version by Wilhelm Deumer  

  • Item: G19772

    An HJ Belt Buckle by Klein & Quenzer; Published Example  

  • Item: G19189

    An Early Silver Grade Infantry Badge in Tombac  

  • Item: G20475

    A Kriegsmarine First Pattern E-Boat Badge by Schwerin, Berlin  

  • Item: EU11627

    A French 1940 SES 2nd Infantry Battalion Skier-Scout Badge  

  • Item: G22878

    A First War German Imperial Submarine Badge  

  • Item: G22920

    A Set of Worn Army Afrika Korps Enlisted Man's Shoulder Boards  

  • Item: G23184

    An Iron Cross Second Class 1914 with Case & Marked  

  • Item: G24505

    A First War Iron Cross First Class 1914; Screwback & 800 Silver  

  • Item: G19795

    A Second War U-Boat Grouping; Soldbuch, Documents, and Photos to U-21  

  • Item: G23691

    A Silver Grade Infantry Badge in Tombac  

  • Item: G16794

    A Luftwaffe Short Range Day Fighter Clasp; Silver Grade  

  • Item: EU11610

    A Bulgarian Merit Medal; Ferdinand I Tsar with Case  

  • Item: EU11612

    A Miniature Bulgarian Military Order for Bravery; Grand Cross  

  • Item: EU11613

    A First War Bulgarian Red Cross Medal; Silver Grade with Case  

  • Item: EU11615

    A Spanish Blue Division Anti-Tank Badge  

  • Item: EU11623

    A Spanish 1977 Sahara Decoration  

  • Item: EU11200

    An 1895 French Madagascar Campaign Medal  

  • Item: G23075

    A Late War Kriegsmarine Submarine Badge  

  • Item: EU11795

    A First War Austro-Hungarian Seven Piece Medal Bar  

  • Item: EU11689

    A Serbian Medal for Zeal; Silver Grade  

  • Item: G21001

    A Silver Grade Tank Assault Badge; for Twenty-Five Engagements  

  • Item: EU11730

    A Fine Filigree Maltese Cross Pendant in Gold  

  • Item: EU11738

    A Royal Spanish Illustrious Confraternity of the Holy Christ of Helplessness Medal  

  • Item: EU11737

    A Royal Sevillian Economic Society of Friends of the Spain Medal  

  • Item: EU11742

    A Polish Veterans Badge for 10th Anniversary of the Liberation of the City of Kielce 1914-1924  

  • Item: EU11755

    A Serbian Masonic Badge of the Grand Master c. 1930  

  • Item: EU11758

    A Yugoslavian Medal for Service to the Royal Household  

  • Item: EU11760

    An Early Republic of Yugoslavia “Jugoslav Army” Proficient Shooter Badge  

  • Item: EU11779

    An Austrian War Cross for Civil Merit; Fourth Class  

  • Item: EU11796

    A Swedish Grand Order of the Amaranth; Commander  

  • Item: EU11799

    A Rare 1819 Spanish Medal for the Religious Convent of Atocha  

  • Item: G24379

    A Late War Luftwaffe Observer's Badge by Paul Meybauer  

  • Item: EU11810

    A Russian Imperial Humane Benevolent Society for the Education of Indigent (Poor) Children Jetton  

  • Item: EU11815

    A Russian Imperial Badge of the Technical Institute of Peter the Great  

  • Item: EU11824

    A Serbian Cross of the Red Cross Society 1882-1941 with Case  

  • Item: G24011

    The Shoulder Boards Pair from the Estate of Generalleutnant Rudolf Schubert  

  • Item: EU12441

    A Rare Czech National Socialist People's Welfare (NSV) Leader's Badge 1938  

  • Item: EU12450

    A Type II First Class Austrian Cross of Merit with Crown  

  • Item: G24796

    A Mint SS Runic with Rank Collar Tab Set; RZM Tagged  

  • Item: EU11131

    A Second War Period Italian Fascist Badge by Johnson, Milano  

  • Item: EU12406

    An Imperial Russian Miniature Order of St. Stanislaus  

  • Item: G25839

    A Luftwaffe Enlisted Man's/NCO's Tropical Side Cap  

  • Item: EU12403

    A Yugoslavian Order of the National Liberation, 3rd Type  

  • Item: EU12447

    A Cross of the Society for the Restoration of the Russian Orthodox Faith in the Caucasus, Order of St. Nina 1860, Fourth Class  

  • Item: EU12448

    An Austrian Commemorative Coin for the 1809 Tyrolean Uprising by R. Neuberger/Prinz  

  • Item: EU12460

    A First War Montenegrin Bravery Medal; French Manufacture  

  • Item: EU11665

    A First War Italian 1st Infantry Division War Medal 1915-1918  

  • Item: EU12636

    A Soviet Russian Order of Glory Medal Bar  

  • Item: EU12641

    A Spanish Order of Military Merit in Gold; Officer  

  • Item: EU12639

    A First War Romanian Air Force Pilot's Badge (Ferdinand I, 1914-1927)  

Total items found 402

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