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  • Item: G18300

    A Soldbuch to the 313rd Special Training Reserve Battalion 

  • Item: G18068

    A Clasp to Iron Cross First Class 1939 by B.H. Myer 

  • Item: G19030

    A DLV/RLB Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G19057

    A German Imperial NCO/EM Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G19092

    An Early German Social Welfare Medal 

  • Item: G19096

    A Set of Waffen-SS Infantry Untersturmführer’s Shoulder Boards 

  • Item: EU6189

    Application Document for Croatian/Bosnian SS-Volunteers 

  • Item: EU6183

    The Death Notice of Cardinal Stepinac 

  • Item: EU5811

    Five Private Photos of General Matija Čanić 

  • Item: EU5839

    WWI Turkish Pilot Buddecke Picture Postcard 

  • Item: EU6743

    A Fine Portrait of an Imperial Russian Officer 

  • Item: EU7187

    A WWI Russian Officer's Photograph 1914; St.Anne Recipient 

  • Item: EU7268

    A First War Al Valore Militarie Award Document 

  • Item: G14566

    An TODT Document Group to Josef Steiner; Narvik Veteran 

  • Item: G14860

    An Honour Goblet Award Document to the Condor Legion 

  • Item: EU8686

    A Croatian Iron Trefoil Award Document to German General Sanne 

  • Item: G19379

    An NSDAP Local (Orts) Level OberGemeinschaftsLeiter (Head Community Leader) Collar Tab 

  • Item: G18796

    A Uniform Removed Luftwaffe Afrika Cufftitle  

  • Item: G19921

    A German "Front Heil" Veteran's Association Belt Buckle 

  • Item: G22972

    A Foreign SS Volunteer Arm Shield: Turkistan Legion  

  • Item: EU11702

    A Formal Croatian Document for the Award of the King Zvonimir Order; Third Class with Swords 

  • Item: G19117

    An NSDAP School Egendorf Leaders Badge 

  • Item: G19380

    An NSDAP District (Gau) Level OberEinsatzLeiter (Head Action Leader) Collar Tab 

  • Item: G21038

    A Kriegsmarine Submarine War Badge by W. Deumer 

  • Item: G21093

    A 1914-1918 Lippe-Detmold War Merit Cross; Second Class 

  • Item: G21095

    An Unusual First War Silver Grade Wound Badge  

  • Item: G19200

    An Early SS EM/NCO's VT "Hammerhead" Sleeve Eagle 

  • Item: EU12399

    A Miniature Order of St. Anne 

  • Item: G26890

    An Iron Cross 1939 First Class; Screwback version by Schauerte & Hohfeld 

  • Item: G26899

    A Fine Quality Early War Kriegsmarine Minesweeper War Badge 

  • Item: G26910

    A War Merit Cross First Class with Swords by Deschler & Sohn with Original Case of Issue 

  • Item: G26912

    A Silver Grade Tank Assault Badge  

  • Item: G21371

    An 1890 Prussian Wedding Anniversary Medal with Case 

  • Item: G22716

    A Box for General Assault/Panzer/Infantry Badge by Rudolf Leukert 

  • Item: G22549

    A Set of Army Officer Visor Wreath & Eagle Insignia 

  • Item: G22990

    A Generalluftzeugmeister (Civilian Technician's) Officers's Visor Cap Insignia 

  • Item: G22993

    An Exceedingly Rare German Order; "Dead Hero Order" Recovered from the Zimmermann Factory  

  • Item: G22998

    A Recovered Tank Badge; Special Grade 25 by Gustav Brehmer 

  • Item: G23526

    A German Imperial Badge for Naval Observers by H. Schaper 

  • Item: G19224

    An HJ Grouping from Estate of 'Scharführer Helmut Schäfer aus Herford' 

  • Item: G19262

    An NSDAP Ortsgruppenleiter Armband 

  • Item: EU12566

    Three Austrian Medals & Orders  

  • Item: G21913

    A Prussian Pilot’s Badge; Prinzen Size by Carl Dilenius 

  • Item: EU11559

    A Luftwaffe Observer's Badge Case 

  • Item: G17798

    The Command Flag of the Chief of the High Command Wilhelm Keitel 

  • Item: G22464

    A 1914 Anhalt Friedrich Cross with Packet 

  • Item: G22495

    A Set of SA (Sturmabteilungen) Obergruppenführer Gruppe Westfalen Collar Tabs 

  • Item: G22380

    A Large Saxon SA Meeting Day Badge 

  • Item: G22381

    A Near Mint Tombac Infantry Assault Badge; Silver Grade 

  • Item: G22383

    An NSDAP Collar Tab; Kreis Oberabschnittsleiter 

  • Item: G22417

    An 1933 NSBO Westphalia District German Labour Front Meeting Tinnie 

  • Item: G22430

    A 1934 German Labour Front (DAF) Wurttemberg-Hohenzollern Trade and Craft Job Creation Tinnie 

  • Item: G22438

    A 1937 NSDAP West Prignitz District Day Gathering at Wittenberge Tinnie 

  • Item: G22453

    A Squadron Clasp for Bomber Pilots; Silver Grade  

  • Item: G22454

    A Rare Miniature Oakleaves with Swords Miniature Stickpin by LDO  

  • Item: G22506

    A Very Rare Province of Pfalz 25 Year Service in the Economy Badge 

  • Item: G19337

    A German Police Long Service Medal Group 

  • Item: G25569

    A Set of German Tropical Pith Helmet Insignia 

  • Item: G26925

    A Clasp to the Iron Cross 1939 Second Class; Type II 

  • Item: EU12492

    A Formal Croatian Document for the Award of the King Zvonimir Order; 2nd. Class with Swords 

Total items found 519

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