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eMedals-Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the North Star, I Class Grand Cross, c.1910

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Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the North Star, I Class Grand Cross, c.1910


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Sweden, Kingdom. An Order of the North Star, I Class Grand Cross, c.1910

Type II with Ball Finials, Cased with Award Document Named to Danish Infantry Commander Agathon Stenersen Nickolin. Kungliga Nordstjärneorden. Instituted in 1748. Sash Badge: in silver gilt with blue, white, red and green enamels, Gold centrepieces, measuring 54.5 mm (w) x 79.5 mm (h) inclusive of its crown suspension, on its original full-length sash; and Breast Star: in silver, maker marked "CFC" (C.F. Carlman, Stockholm), city stamped with the King's bust (made in Stockholm), marked with the National three crowns (Tre Kronor) hallmark, marked with an "s" within a hexagon (silver standard), marked "925" (silver) and date marked "A10" (1975) on the underside of the hinge, measuring 83.5 mm (w) x 83.8 mm (h), vertical pinback. Intact enamels, extremely fine. In its hardshelled case of issue, maker marked "C.F. Carlman AB. Stockholm" on the inside lid, raised platform with a recessed medal bed for the breast star, label on the bottom inscribed "STK.N.O.", sunning and light wear evident on the exterior, case very fine.

Footnote: The Order of the North Star (AKA Order of the Polar Star) is a Swedish order of chivalry created by King Frederick I on February 23, 1748, together with the Order of the Sword and the Order of the Seraphim. Until 1975, it was intended as a reward for Swedish and foreign "civic merits, for devotion to duty, for science, literary, learned and useful works and for new and beneficial institutions". Its motto is, as seen on the blue enameled centre of the badge, "Nescit Occasum", a Latin phrase meaning "It knows no decline". This is to represent that Sweden is as constant as a never setting star. The Order's colour is black. This was chosen so that when wearing the black sash, the white, blue and golden cross would stand out and shine as the light of enlightenment from the black surface. The choice of black for the Order's ribbon may also have been inspired by the black ribbon of the French Order of St. Michael, which at the time that the Swedish order was instituted, was also awarded to meritorious civil servants. After the reorganization of the orders in 1975, the order is only awarded to foreigners and members of the royal family. It is often awarded to foreign office holders (such as prime and senior ministers) during Swedish state visits. It is also awarded to junior members of royal families who would not qualify for the more prestigious Royal Order of the Seraphim. It is awarded in five classes: Commander Grand Cross (KmstkNO: the badge on a collar (chain) or on a sash on the right shoulder, plus the star on the left chest); Commander 1st Class (KNO1kl, the badge on a necklet, plus the star on the left chest), Commander (KNO, the badge on a necklet), Knight 1st Class (RNO1kl/LNO1kl, the badge on a ribbon on the left chest) and Knight (RNO/LNO, the badge on a ribbon on the left chest).

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