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  • Item: EU11615

    A Spanish Blue Division Anti-Tank Badge  

  • Item: EU11623

    A Spanish 1977 Sahara Decoration  

  • Item: EU11737

    A Royal Sevillian Economic Society of Friends of the Spain Medal  

  • Item: EU11738

    A Royal Spanish Illustrious Confraternity of the Holy Christ of Helplessness Medal  

  • Item: EU11799

    A Rare 1819 Spanish Medal for the Religious Convent of Atocha  

  • Item: EU12641

    A Spanish Order of Military Merit in Gold; Officer  

  • Item: EU11654

    A Miniature Spanish Order of Isabella the Catholic Collar  

  • Item: EU13038

    A Spanish Military Merit Medal; Type I (1918-1931)  

  • Item: EU14517

    Spain. A Real Body of the Nobility of Catalonia, St. George Cross, Franco Era (1938-1975)  

  • Item: EU14515

    Spain. A Military Order of San Fernardo, Second Class Breast Star  

  • Item: EU14507

    A Third Reich Period Spanish Falange Youth Knife with Belt & Buckle  

  • Item: EU14518

    Spain. An Order of Isabella the Catholic, Commander, Type IV (Franco Era, 1938-1975)  

  • Item: EU14516

    Spain. A Civil Order of Alfonso X the Wise, Grand Cross Breast Star  

  • Item: EU14513

    Spain. A Star of Honour for Military Judges, Gold Grade  

  • Item: EU14521

    Spain. A Royal and Military Order of Saint Hermenegildo, Commander's Breast Star  

  • Item: EG798

    Spain. A Rare 1838 Cross for the Defenders of Zaragoza  

  • Item: EG779

    Spain. A Military Order of Cristina, 2nd Class Breast Star, Type I (1890-1918)  

  • Item: EG788

    Spain. A Civil Order of Alfonso X, Commander Badge by Boullanger, Paris  

Total items found 18

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