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  • Slovakia, Republic. A Lot of Two Books
  • Slovakia, Republic. A Lot of Two Books
  • Slovakia, Republic. A Lot of Two Books
  • Slovakia, Republic. A Lot of Two Books

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Slovakia, Republic. A Lot of Two Books



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Slovakia, Republic. A Lot of Two Books

1. "Slovensko Masarykovi" (Slovakia of Masaryk), hardcover, beige cloth cover, with maroon binding tape, gold-coloured leafing on the top of the pages, with the initials "TGM" of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk overlying the Slovak coat-of-arms in gold-coloured ink on the front cover, the text in gold-coloured ink on the spine, compiled by Dr. Jozef Rudinský, issued under the Protectorate of the Slovak Branch of the Czechoslovak National Council in Bratislava, published by the Vojtech Tilkovsky Literary-Scientific Publishing House in Prague in 1930, this revised second edition published in September 1930, all rights reserved, copyright by "Lithuania". This book is a biography of Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, sometimes anglicized Thomas Masaryk (March 7, 1850 - September 14, 1937) was a Czechoslovak politician, statesman, sociologist and philosopher. Until 1914, he advocated restructuring the Austro-Hungarian Empire into a federal state. With the help of the Allied Powers, Masaryk gained independence for a Czechoslovak Republic as the First World War ended in 1918. He co-founded Czechoslovakia together with Milan Rastislav Štefánik and Edvard Beneš and served as its first president, and so is called by some Czechs the "President Liberator (Prezident Osvoboditel). The book describes and illustrates various periods in his life, from its early stages, up until his late seventies. The book contains 272 pages of descriptive text, printed in black ink, on a thick semi-absorbent off-white paper stock, with multiple pages inserted at various intervals throughout the book, the photographs printed in black ink, on a coated paper stock, measuring 230 mm (w) x 296 mm (h) x 53 mm (d). It exhibits separation of the beige cloth cover where it butts the maroon binding tape on the back cover, with scattered foxing present on a few of the pages within; 
2. "Pät Rokov Slovenského Skolstva 1939-1943" (Five Years of Slovak Education 1939-1943), hardcover, beige cloth cover, the text on the front cover in navy blue ink, the text on the spine in gold-coloured ink on navy blue background, a sticker stamped in blue ink "ZRUSENE" (Cancelled) affixed to the front cover, along with stamp in red ink marked "PROHIBITA" (Prohibited), with a large "A" beside the number "56107" hand inscribed in ink on the back cover, compiled by the Editorial Commission of the Ministry of Education and National Enlightenment, published by the State Publishing House in Bratislava in 1944. The Table of Contents appears at the back of the book, the book itself divided into eight sections: I - National Schools; II - Secondary Schools, Teaching Academies, Vocational Teacher Institutes and Vocational Schools; II - High Schools and State Scientific Institutes; IV - State Cult Administration; V - Cultural-Enlightenment Report; VI - Budget of the Ministry of Education and National Enlightenment; VII - State Publishing House; VIII - Picture Attachments (Photographs). There are two maps inserted between pages 110 and 111 and 136 and 137, plus 113 pages of black and white photographs placed at the back of the book (pages 597 to 711) illustrating various students, teachers and educational institutions, in addition to stampings placed throughout. The book contains 720 pages of descriptive text, printed in black ink, on a thick semi-absorbent off-white paper stock, the two maps printed in four-colour inks, on an off-white matte paper stock, with 115 pages of photographs printed in black ink, on a white matte paper stock, measuring 175 mm (w) x 250 mm (h) x 65 mm (d). It exhibits light soiling on the grey cloth covering, along with warping of the front cover, the photo page 709-710 missing, foxing evident on the edge of the pages, however, the pages within remain pristine.
Together, near very fine.
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