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eMedals-Serbia, Kingdom. A Very Fine Officer's Group of 13, who Served in the Four Wars

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Serbia, Kingdom. A Very Fine Officer's Group of 13, who Served in the Four Wars



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Serbia, Kingdom. A Very Fine Officer's Group of 13, who Served in the Four Wars

Mounted as worn Serbian style, comprising:

1. An Order of Kara-George with Swords, IV Class. In silver-gilt and enamels, measuring 36mm (x 57mm including crown suspension), unmarked, no chipping to enamels, of excellent quality manufacture and in extremely fine condition (difficult award to find in such pristine condition).

2. Order of the White Eagle, 4th Class with Swords (Orden Belog Orla). Instituted in 1883. Type II (1909-1941) In silver gilt with red, white and blue enamels, measuring 31.5 mm (w) x 70.5 mm (h) inclusive of its crown and laterally-pierced ball suspension, enamel chipping and loss evident in the blue enamels on the ribbon banner on reverse, unmarked, of French manufacture c.1917, very fine.

3. An Order of the Cross of Takovo, IV Class (Orden takovskog krsta - Орден таковског крста). Instituted 1865 as commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Serbia from Ottoman rule. Abolished 1903. Milan Obrenović Issue (1868-1889). An unmarked example of fine Austrian manufacture, of excellent quality manufacture in silver gilt, consisting of a ball-tipped enameled white Maltese Cross, with gilded crossed saltire cross in each quadrant, surmounted by typical Serbian principality Crown with finely enameled details, the obverse superposed by cypher of Milan Obrenović IV with enameled red background, surrounded by an enameled blue ribbon inscribed cyrilic Order’s motto (For FAITH, PRINCE AND FATHERLAND), as well as by an enameled green laurel wreath, the reverse with a highly detailed engraved Serbian principality coat of arms, measuring 35.0 mm (w) x 59.0 mm (h), extremely fine.

4. An Order of the Cross of Takovo, V Class. Orden Takovskog Krsta. Instituted in 1865. In bronze gilt, cypher of Mihailo Obrenović III on the obverse, measuring 34.5 mm (w) x 45.0 mm (h) inclusive of its laterally-pierced ball suspension, c.1890 issue, extremely fine.

5. Russia, Imperial. An Order of Saint Anne in Gold, III Class, c.1900. (Орден Святой Анны). Instituted on 14 February 1735 by Charles Frederick, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. Type Two Enameled (Issued 1829-1917). Consisting of a Cross Pattée with red enameled arms inside a 14k. Gold frame, with ornate gilt designs joining the quadrants of the arms, the obverse center presents a hand-painted depiction of Saint Anne, the reverse with a central white enameled medallion with blue Latins script initials “A.I.P.F” for “ANNA IPERATORIS PETRI FILIA” (“ANNA, EMPEROR PETER’S DAUGHTER”), marked "56" on the ring (indicating 14Kt Gold), measuring 34.0mm (w) x 39.0 mm (h), on Serbian style Gold loop for suspension, circa 1912 period issue, minor flecking of enamels on reverse, otherwise in very fine condition.

6. The Milosh Obilich Medal for Bravery, Silver grade. In silvered bronze, 36mm, very fine. Awarded to NCO's and enlisted for bravery.

7. The Commemorative Medal for the Election of King Peter I. In gilded bronze. Medal was instituted on August 2, 1903. This medal was awarded to members of the household, national assembly and army officers (who were on active duty) to "commemorate the start of King Petar I reign". At a later date the medal was awarded to all reserve officers.

8. The Commemorative Medal for Loyalty to the Fatherland. In silvered/patinated bronze. The decoration was instituted on April 5, 1920 and was awarded to military personnel "who took part in the 1915 campaign against Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria". Very fine.

9. Medal for Military Virtues. In gilded bronze, c.1915 period issue, very fine.

10. The 1885-1886 Commemorative Cross. Cross in blackened iron. Cross was awarded to military personnel and civilians for "active participation in the war of 1885-1886" (The Serbo-Bulgarian War). Very fine.

11. Commemorative Medal for Serbo-Turkish War of 1912. In gilded bronze, 36mm. This medal was instituted on October 31, 1912 and was awarded to military personnel and civilians to "commemorate the First Balkan War". Very fine.

12. Commemorative Medal for The Second Balkan War of 1913. Cross in gilded bronze. The 1913 Commemorative Cross was instituted on November 25, 1913 and was awarded to "commemorate the 1913 war against Bulgaria". Very fine.

13. Commemorative Cross for the 1914-1918 War of Liberation and Union. In bronze. The award was instituted on December 1, 1920 and was awarded to veterans of the WWI "who participated in the liberation of Serbia". Very fine.

Scuffing and wear to the fabric of the bar, in worn condition, overall in very fine and better condition, with very unusual combination of awards, encompassing long service of an NCO who rose to the rank of an Officer, during the long and distinguished service.

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