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Romania (Kingdom)

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  • Item: EU12064

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of Cultural Merit, II Class, c.1935  

  • Item: EU13388

    Romania, Kingdom. An Administrative Academy Officer's Badge, 21st Infantry Division  

  • Item: EU13386

    Romania, Kingdom. A Military High School Graduation Badge  

  • Item: EU13318

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of the Crown, Grand Cross, by Heinrich Weiss, c.1940  

  • Item: EU14670

    Romania, Kingdom. A Medal for the Promotion of Aviation 1927-1933  

  • Item: EU14649

    Romania, Kingdom. An Order of St. Michael the Brave in Gold, III Class, c.1941  

  • Item: EU16596

    Romania, Kingdom. A Long Service Medal, III Class Bronze Grade with Swords, c.1940  

Total items found 7

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