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eMedals-Romania, Kingdom. A Medal for the War of 1913

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Romania, Kingdom. A Medal for the War of 1913

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Romania, Kingdom. A Medal for the War of 1913

(Medalia Avîntul Ţării), Instituted in 1913. (AKA Medal for the Upsurge of the Nation). In silver, marked with an "S" (allegedly denoting the city where the medal was struck) on the edge, measuring 33 mm (w) x 50 mm (h) inclusive of its laurel wreath suspension, edge nicks, contact marks, surface wear, fine.


Footnote: The medal was created on November 7, 1913 and awarded for participation in the Second Balkan War. During the First Balkan War of 1912, an alliance of Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia threw the Ottoman Turks out of almost all their remaining European territories. However, the victors fell out over the division of the spoils, with Serbia and Greece forming an alliance against Bulgaria and the Second Balkan War broke out at the end of June. After initial setbacks, Bulgarian military successes stabilized the front in Macedonia. The situation was transformed by the opportunistic invasion of Bulgaria by Romania on July 10th, leaving the former in a hopeless position. As a result, Romania gained Southern Dobruja (The "Quadrilateral") despite its overwhelming Bulgar and Turkish population, a situation only reversed in 1940 and confirmed in 1947.

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