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eMedals-Portugal, Kingdom. A Military Order of Christ, Grand Officer, by Frederico Da Costa, c.1910

Item: EU17651

Portugal, Kingdom. A Military Order of Christ, Grand Officer, by Frederico Da Costa, c.1910



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Portugal, Kingdom. A Military Order of Christ, Grand Officer, by Frederico Da Costa, c.1910

(Ordem de Cristo). Type I (1789-1910 issued). A Grand Officer’s set consisting of a finely enameled red four-armed cross in silver gilt, featuring a central enameled white Latin cross along the arms, reverse with mirrored design, measuring 42.82 mm (w) x 55.62 mm (h), with multiple maker’s mark of Frederico Da Costa, Lisbon, together with a Lisbon hallmarks denoting .833 silver content (1886-1938), presenting minor chipping enamel and gilt lost, suspended by original neck ribbon, on a loop suspension, very good. Accompanied by the breast star, consisting of a typical multiple-rayed silver star, with obverse featuring a central enameled red and white Cross of Christ in silver gilt, on an enameled white background, encircled by an ornamented hand-chased border, 12 o’clock arm exhibiting an enameled red Heart of Christ symbol also is silver gilt, reverse with double vertical pin, measuring 72.60 mm (w) x 81.82 mm (h), with both centrepiece and Heart of Christ slightly disattached, toned silver, with moderate enamel chipping, otherwise very good condition. The set is contained within a black corrugated hard-shelled case, the interior lid features a white-cream silk, the medal bed is split in two for each piece, measuring 166 mm (w) x 29 mm (h) x 103 mm (l), with two functional catches, moderate wearing surface, case in fine condition.


Footnote: The Military Order of Christ has a long and convoluted history closely related to Portugal and the Catholic Church. Its origins lie on the dissolution of the Templar Order by Pope Clement V in 1312, therefore the Portuguese crown was encouraged to create a new order -the Order of Our Lord Jesus Christ- to protect the properties and domains of the Knights Templar in Portugal; the Order is considered direct heir of the Templars in Portugal. The Order was disbanded in 1910 following the establishment of the First Portuguese Republic, but it was re-established in 1918.

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