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eMedals-Netherlands. A Cross for Freedom and Justice, Korea 1950

Item: EU14591

Netherlands. A Cross for Freedom and Justice, Korea 1950

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Netherlands. A Cross for Freedom and Justice, Korea 1950

Netherlands; Silvered bronze, 40.3 mm (w) x 47.2 mm (h) inclusive of its ball suspension, silvered bronze wreathed sword clasp inscribed "KOREA 1950" on its original folded ribbon, marked "KONINKLUKE BEGEER VOORSCHOTEN" on the reverse, light contact, near extremely fine. Footnote: The Cross for Freedom and Justice was instituted on July 23, 1951, to be awarded to members of the N.D.V.N (Nederlands Detachement Verenigde Naties = Netherlands Detachment United Nations), being the Dutch contingent of United Nations forces in Korea. The N.D.V.N. was established on October 15, 1950 and an advance party of Dutch soldiers arrived in Korea from Malaya on October 24, 1950, the first of twenty-six contingents from the Netherlands arriving in early December. A total of 3,972 Dutch soldiers served in Korea, the last unit returning to the Netherlands at the end of 1954. In addition, 1,360 members of the Royal Netherlands Navy served in Korean waters aboard the destroyers Evertsen, van Galen and Piet Heim and the frigates Johan Maurits van Nassau, Dubois and van Zijll. In all, only approximately 4,000 awards were made.
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