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  • Item: EU9997

    An Italian Order of the Crown of Italy; Knight with Case 

  • Item: EU10025

    A 1930's Italian Schools Abroad Merit Medal 

  • Item: EU10026

    A 1922 Italian March on Rome Medal; Named 

  • Item: EU9920

    Three Miniature Medals & Awards 

  • Item: EU9904

    An Italian Long Service Cross for Twenty Five Years' Service 

  • Item: EU9993

    An Italian Medal for Civil Valour; Gold Grade 

  • Item: EU11522

    A Second War Italian Russian Front Badge  

  • Item: EU11529

    A Silver First War Italian Al'Valorie to Bortoluzzi Antonio 1917 

  • Item: EU11480

    A Fine Miniature Order of the Most Holy Annunciation in Gold 

  • Item: EU9905

    An Italian Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus in Gold; 2nd Class 

  • Item: EU9982

    A First War Italian 2nd Army Commemorative Cross 

  • Item: EU9983

    A First War 3rd Army Commemorative Cross; Silver Grade 

  • Item: EU13182

    An Italian Fascist Youth "Opera Balilla" Badge 

  • Item: EU13188

    A Second War Period Italian Fascist Merit Medal  

  • Item: EU13191

    A Mint Second War Italian Regimental Badge with Packet of Issue  

  • Item: EU13194

    An Italian National Fascist Party (PNF) Award Case 

  • Item: EU13195

    An Italian Colonial Education Service Medal for Merit; Silver Grade  

  • Item: EU13200

    An Italian Catacombs of San Callisto Cross  

  • Item: EU13202

    A Italian Black Shirts Scire Region of Ethiopia Campaign Medal 

  • Item: EU13155

    An Italian Navy Appointment to Lieutenant Signed by Mussolini & King Vittorio Emanuele III 

Total items found 20

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