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Total items found 18

  • Item: EU12056

    Italy, Kingdom. An 11th Army Cross, by G.Mori  

  • Item: EU12095

    Italy, Fascist State. A Italian-German DAF/Workers Badge 1939  

  • Item: EU12170

    Italy, Fascist State. A Rare Parachutist Decoration  

  • Item: EU12726

    Italy, Fascist State. A Youth University at Gorizia Medal, c.1927  

  • Item: EU12740

    Italy, Kingdom. A 4th Infantry Division of Monviso Sleeve Badge  

  • Item: EU14653

    Italy, Kingdom. A Medal of Remembrance of the Royal House, Silver Grade  

  • Item: EU13215

    Italy, Kingdom. A 21st Infantry Division "Grenadiers of Sardinia" Sleeve Shield  

  • Item: EU12556

    Italy, Kingdom. A War Cross, Spanish Civil War  

  • Item: EU14749

    Italy, Kingdom. A Medal for Military Valour, Silver Grade, Spanish Civil War 1935  

  • Item: EU14779

    Italy. A Black Brigade Skull Badge  

  • Item: M0251-41

    Italy, Kingdom. Two Awards & Decorations  

  • Item: EU16571

    Italy, Kingdom. A Pair of Award Documents for Al Valore Militaire to Maggiore R.A.U. Karl, Panzerjäger-Abteilung (Sfl.) 605  

  • Item: EU16572

    Sicily, Kingdom. A Constantinian Order of Saint George, Collar Chain Badge, by Cefalno  

  • Item: EU16575

    Italy, Kingdom. An Order of St. Maurice and St. Lazarus in Gold, III Class Commander Neck Badge  

  • Item: EU16594

    Italy, Kingdom. An Italian-German African Campaign Medal by Lorioli  

  • Item: EGC39

    Italy, Kingdom. An Order of the Eagle of Este, Grand Cross Case  

  • Item: EU16613

    Italy, Fascist State. A Presentation Dagger of 13th Legion CCNN Commanding Officer, c.1940  

  • Item: EU16617

    Italy, Kingdom. A National Fascist Youth Organization (ONB) Membership Badge  

Total items found 18

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