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  • Item: EU13004

    An Italian Regia Marina Light Cruiser Muzio Attendol Medal 

  • Item: EU13015

    A War Cross for Italian Volunteers in Spain 1936  

  • Item: EU13017

    A First War Italian Medal for Military Valour 1917  

  • Item: EU13021

    An Italian Motorized Unit Campaign Medal for Albania 1940-1941  

  • Item: EU13028

    Five Italian Medals & Awards 

  • Item: EU13029

    A Italian Fascist Youth "Opera Nazionale Balilla" (ONB) Cross of Merit for Young Men 

  • Item: EU13031

    A 1935 Italian 4th National Meeting of Gunners at Florence Commemorative Medal  

  • Item: EU13044

    An Italian Gathering of Fighters at the Dedication of the National Monument to General Diaz Medal 1936 

Total items found 8

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